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FPS Integration


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I've been a long-time lurker and I truly respect what you guys are doing here! It looks awesome so far!

Just wanted to see if there's any chance of integrating some FPS gameplay into 0 AD.

So far, the only game I've seen like that (aside from Battlezone) is Rise and Fall Civilizations at War.

But that was mediocre...

In any case, I can't wait to see more about this game (crossing fingers for a demo at some point)!!!

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Welcome to the status of ex-lurker, GPNM! :blush:

If we were to add elements from other game genres to 0 A.D., they'd most likely come from the RPG, MMO, and/or the city-building genres. Like you said, adding elements of FPS in a game doesn't necessarily make it better. Rise & Fall is pretty mediocre and the FPS elements didn't really help. :)

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My perfect RTS would be a combination of Pharaoh and Age of Empires, with just one faction, but with civilization modification choices (similar to AoM's god system) at every age-up.

The idea of adding an FPS mode has merit, but only in light of a much slower overall gameplay. Otherwise it would be too easy to lose track of the global situation whilst mucking about in first person. In fact, in a slower RTS having something to do for distraction could have a very positive effect. But in a typical speed-oriented game it's more annoying than welcome.

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