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  1. I doubt you've ever seen a real military force, much less in battle. I think one unit management is fine, adds for much more strategy if you have the micro skills.
  2. You should check out Dawn of Fantasy.
  3. Really? Well hell still sounds better.
  4. If people playing are comfortable with seeing the units killing each other, etc., I'm sure they'll be fine with hell...Hades spoils it.
  5. Yes, we at IGZ would love to host your game, and it would be beneficial to Wildfire Games as well, as 0 AD has no multiplayer yet. Microsoft Ants was a free RTS on the MSN Zone with thousands of players. A free RTS on IGZ could get thousands of players as well, I imagine. If you want to discuss details, PM me.
  6. I would help if I had any skills that would help you at this stage. Just like CaveTown, my only skills are scenario designing.
  7. How about how you made the editor, and the functionalities of it?
  8. Well, if you guys want external matchmaking, you could contact me. I'm a part of IGZones.com, a new matchmaking service. We are planning to add many new games, this could be one of them.
  9. Top 1 game of all time. Second is The Urquan Masters. Ah, I can see now. I thought he was being sarcastic with the "(which is King, pun intended)". By the way, what is that avatar, Mythos?
  10. AoE2 has great balance, a full tech tree, a simple yet powerful editor, and contrary to what you believe, many like the campaign. Also, AoE2 has been around for almost 10 years now, and still has a thriving community. Few games can claim this after such time.
  11. I meant I had no resume by that unsure emote.
  12. Automatic scouting usually does not go where you want, not to mention manual scouting adds more skill to the game.
  13. I don't think we'll have this.
  14. Well, they could be weaker mounted (although that wouldn't necessarily be realistic). Like you could have them ride around to a group of enemy archers in the back lines, then dismount and kill them.
  15. Interesting. Maybe you could research a technology which would let them mount/dismount? Just an idea.
  16. You guys usually have a showcase each month, any news for may? I'm still wanting that editor video.
  17. From Ykkrosh's signature, ~2005, maybe late 2004 or even '03. I checked this site once, and have been checking every 6 months or so, until lately I've been posting and checking more often.
  18. That music sounds great! Good job, Vaevictis.
  19. Well, I saw in some of the screenshots that the unit's shields, helmets, etc. are different. Maybe you could change the build of the people a bit, depending on the unit? Chubby, thin, short, tall, etc. It would add that bit of realism even more.
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