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Dead bodies


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(This should really be put on the Topic "Blood?")

If ragdoll, be sure to make it NOT entirely rag doll, for in BF2 there is so much ragdoll, that when a soldier jumps and dies (while going up), his body is flung so high that it's almost like an invisible trebouche that killed him!

So what I'm saying is that make ragdoll for only when he touches the ground, and make it planned for first dyeing. Like how about we take the death of a hoplite in AoM, the death is normal but when he hits the end of a cliff, he starts rolling.

If it's too much ragdoll, then the soldier will flail in an avg death. If there's not enough, it's AoM all over again. If there's too much and poor building ragdoll, it'll be like PS2 path of Neo matrix game, where a guy will get stuck in a wall and start flailing so much that it'll sound like a drum, or it will simply go through the building.

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