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Robin Hood - nbc series or something

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Just uhm, downloaded (if that is allowed to say, cause it is not legal to download shows) a series called Robin Hood. Anyone seen it or have any comments? I just really hope it's any good.

And while I'm at it, is there any fantasy \ middleages \ "lord of the rings" look-a-like series out there?

Please don't bring up Xena or something weird like that, i mean a serious and good series! :)


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No actually it's a series. 40 minutes, and about 13-14 episodes.

The series (I'm not episode 4 or 5) is following the known line of the Robin Hood story, with some twists. However, they have added some funny elements, that I dont know if I like or not.. But it is an OK series, the fighting scenes are not very good, but the atmosphere is pretty great actually.

All in all its just OK imo, but worth watching. And has some really nice landscape scenes!

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Well, a lot of blue screen? No I dont think there are too much bluescreen, as far as I know bluescreen is used when one animate, or people "fly" or drive cars, when you need something computer made. And of course, backgrounds and cities are often bluescreen, but not much fighting and stuff like that, as I said earlier, the fighting scenes are not that impressive. It's just a good series because they manage to capture the Robin Hood ... thing ... you get that good Robin Hood feeling :)

But I have to say that some things in the show REALLY annoys me, it's really bad. Examples are how Robin refuse to KILL, so there are rarely any deaths, and that he won't kill the sheriff, even though he has chances all the time. Because they want to show people that he is so good, however, what people do not understand is that anyone like him would kill the sheriff who are killing innocent people everyday, to save others. ;)

It's like war, you have to think that you are killing to save your own soldiers, that if you don't shoot a person you see, he could probably kill someone you know, or someone from your own army if you see what i mean Joseph :)

ehe, but I just talk away, it's a good series, ^^

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