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Civ: Noba


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The Noba, or alternatively the Nuba, are a linguistically and ethnically diverse assortment of peoples who call the Nuba Hills of western Sudan home. They subsist off agriculture and animal husbandy, and are famous for their martial arts (especially wrestling) and body-painting traditions. In this mod, Noba Civic Centers also function as barracks and marketplaces, and you can construct additional ones starting in the Town phase.


Version 1 of the mod is attached to this OP below:



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12 hours ago, DIYARAKUZA said:

Just played a match where Athenians were obliterated by the Noba! Great mod :) I also love the resource system of Delenda Est. Much more realistic.

Thanks for your feedback. I think the Noba are just about done now. Version 1 is now attached to the OP (replacing version 0.5).

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