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Looks great


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Hey guys,

This is my first post here. I just wanted to say that this game looks completely awsome. This has really hit the mark for me, just what I was looking for. Good luck with development, and perhaps I could help sometime in the future.

welcome to the forums :( totally agree with you.
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Well, let me see if I get your question right, you ask if we're doing this for free, making a full freeware RTS game, and as a hobby, and if we're few?

I can't see any money coming, and actually would refuse it if I would, so that's one.

Remembering what I read in the Desing Document and seeing how much of it already done, yes it's going to be a full freeware RTS game.

Hmm, I do have a real life outside of WFG, so at least for me it's a hobby. Can't be totally sure about everyone though, some people are getting things done at an amazing speed and quality :eek:

And while I don't remember everyones names I do know we're not many. Over the years there have been quite a few people working on this game though, so it depends on how you look at it I guess :(

Seems as if I can answer yes to all of your questions :P So now you ought to be impressed (y)

Actually I'm impressed with what we've accomplished so far too. (y)

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Hobbyist can be misleading, that gives almost a passive light on what we really are.

We're a community thats doing this for fun, our members have been as young as 15 and as old as 55 and take a huge spectrum of roles. Each member applies his skill to a particular element of the game, one that allows them to do the style of work that they enjoy doing. you decide what you want to do when you join, and you can either take the helm and task yourself - many of us longterm members are so well synced with what needs to be done on the game that we know what tasks to do without needing a department head to give us one.

Artists, programmers, historians, sound engineers, producers, game designers, webmasters, and musicians - we all come together learning here and improving our skills doing our best to make a game to our liking, we don't adopt deadlines and the style that we function in and make things happen is truly a unique thing. We've incorporated the same resources that a physical developing studio would have through an array of powerful but simple technologies present in the internet to make our "studio" a virtual community. We have weekly meetings, version control systems (for syncing the game's files across the team), bugtrackers, design documents on a wikipedia, thousands of threads about every aspect of the game, file servers and FTP, and the most important element - our development forums and the accompanying task manager system.

Its been 6 years in the making, it was only 3 years ago that the team and design vision of the game was established and development began.

Its a community here, and we're currently devising plans to hugely expand it.

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What really gets me is the quality of the game. At least from what I have seen in the screenshots etc, it looks of commercial quality. Has any of the team, past or present, worked on an commercial games (sorry if thats an obvious question)?

I just saw your AOE2 modification, looks like I will be installing that game again! Looks fantastic, you really pay attention to detail, which is something that I am admitedly fussy about.

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As for RTS' for ubuntu, that's something I have been seeking for a long time. If Glest (=> http://www.glest.org/ ) is still around, it's free and I think it works on ubuntu (I can only remember downloading it, then playing it a few times, then deciding I wasn't good at it and uninstalling it, since I dual-boot I can't quite remember which OS I was on).

There's also Globulation2 (=> http://www.globulation2.org/wiki/Main_Page ) which is worth a try. It's kind of a love it or hate it game because it's very different from what most people are used to. I know that they have an online gaming community.

Of those two games, Glest definitely has a more medieval feel to it if that's what you're looking for.

Anyone else who knows of good linux-compatible RTS comparable to the Age of Empires series is welcome to tell me and I will :( them (bonus points if it's an ubuntu package!)

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Once upon a time, I tried Globulation, but I am the one to hate it, it does not meet my requirements to the RTS game, I like it medieval, like AoE2, 0 AD, Rise of Nations,....

But Glest looks fine this far, i am downloading the source code right now, so soon I am gonna rock (hopefully.

It does not have to be a *.deb, source code is not that hard to comopile (and to be turned into *.deb if thet is what you like :(, BUT it might look like AoE2... one of the best games for Win ever...

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