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Moving out ....

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Hello WFG! :)

I am at the moment sitting in my new apartement, just fixed the internet actually, and getting ready for bed (its 02:33 in the morning here) ...

Anyway, moving from my parents in my little friendly neighboorhood to this big town (3rd biggest in little Norway i think) is pretty wierd for me.

Anyway have any tips how to adjust? :)

Or any other cool tips now that my mom isnt making me dinner, washing my clothes ect. and my father not paying the bills?

Share with me here :D


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I moved out two months ago aswell. It's pretty strange when you have to take care of everything every day. But I like it, doing all the stuff myself although it can sometimes be a pain I can do anything I want and I can decide to not do things when I feel like it. Without starting an argument with my parents. :(

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