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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Americans! I'd love to celebrate it again this year just to have another Thanksgiving Dinner, but unfortunately any food left in the fields this long has been frost-bitten and would be mush
  2. 3 Days to raffle! And despite the wink smiley being so weird, this forum has some of the best I've seen yet.
  3. Lolz, that is true. Sign Me up! Matt Rideout, 18 (19 in December w00t! ) This is really bringing out a lot of lurkers!
  4. Let's not use anything that could be taken as an insult. That just ruins everybody's fun.
  5. Oi. This title's spelling is getting on my nerves. Not to be picky over internet-speak, but it's annoying when it's so blatantly obvious to a poor speller such as myself. Finnished makes me think about someone being finished with speaking Finnish. Oh well, perhaps I am being to picky, but it wouldn't be so bad if the word wasn't so close to another word.
  6. "We'll do this the old navy way; first guy to die - looses!" Lloyd Bridges - Hot Shots! Part Deux "Die for glory" "We're the knights of the round table, we dance wen're we're able, we do routines and chorus scenes..." "I'll remember your ip." In the voice of a gang member (you know what I mean) When they tell a cop they've got their badge #
  7. How about this: Modern famous buildings (eg. CN Tower, Eiffel Tower, Sydney Opera House, Empire State Building, etc.) redesigned as anchient buildings in the style of different civilizations. i.e. Roman style Empire State Building. This would take some thought and designing, but it'd be cool. If you ever want to take a break from the usual, this could be interesting.
  8. Yeah, that will be something. He said he couldn't get anyone to shoot at him with the armour on so he hasn't tested it with a living person inside. Can you imagine, "Say, could you be a pal and take this 12-gauge and shoot me in the head? Thanks." On the Canadian Discovery Channel show Daily Planet, he demonstrated the 1313 paste to the CF, and wow. They used the amount of explosives that is the equivalencey of an RPG on a door, ond the door was fine. This guy will go down in the history books as a great inventor. His armour might not get to see action this time around, but in the conflicts ten years from now, we might see near 0 allied fatalities. Not to mention they'll look totally badass in their Master Chief / Robocop armour.
  9. Um, for some strange reason, someone thought that some town most people outside of the Atlantic Provinces haven't heard of was a good place to stick a few segments and a plaque. It was to promote international unity, if I recall correctly. Why they'd need to do that in a town of 11 765 I don't know.
  10. Yeah, I remember this guy. I've seen his Grizzly Suit, his Fire Paste and his 1313 Paste. He has some awesome inventions, too bad the military wont buy any of them. He wants his younger brother who's serving in Afghanistan to be as safe as possible, and his 1313 paste is fairly cheap (cheaper than the Trojan) and he tested if for the CF, but it seems still no takers.
  11. This past summer I went to Nova Scotia and got a piece of the Berlin Wall. In Truro they have several segments of the wall (five, I think) and one was in poor condition. There were pieces falling off of it all around, so I thought that it'd be alright if I had myself a piece. There's no special markings on it, and as far as anyone knows, it's just a piece of some wall, but I know what it is, a piece of history!
  12. If you want a cooking tip: potato chips can go on top of anything you eat. Anything. Just to add flavour or texture Moving out for me wasn't so difficult since I already did most of my own things, cooking, cleaning, laundry. Bills and shopping were, however, new.
  13. Well, yes, I know a lot of 20th Century History, but that's mostly due to what has been most available to me. I do know history outside of the 20c but I am most "specialized" in it. I love the ancient world as well, so I am taking classics and what-not in university.
  14. I found it a few days ago on Moby Games in the trivia section for Anno 1602 (1602 A.D.) while in search for content for my GameSpot union website: "The independent freeware title, 0 A.D was inspired by 1602 A.D. Contributed by Aaron A. (54) on 09 Jan 2006."
  15. For give me for my Newfoundlandic, but it seems I should use it as an introduction. I'm Matt (or Matthew, or dotDarkCloud... whatever), and I'm in my first year of University. I love the whole 0 A.D. game, as I am a history enthusiast. I am studying History right now, but I am also considering game design (they can go hand in hand). Good luck with your project, and I'll be sure to do some advertising. This will be a great game! Way to stick it to big business! Don't forget to copyleft your work! "All wrongs reserved"
  16. I'd love to help, but alas, I have no skills in game programming... as of yet. Give me a few years, and I'll see what I can get out of university! I will help promote this game, since I support it in every way possible. If you want some one to do some research, just give me a shout an I'll see what I can do!
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