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Custom query: how to start?


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I would try to make me useful, so I view opened page, but I don't understand how it works: for example problem #6688 is still opened, but it seems resolved. What is missing? And if I want to work on it, how can I do it? Can I only fork on github and do it on my own? Maybe it's a dumb question but I want to understand how to start

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17 hours ago, Baelish said:

for example problem #6688 is still opened, but it seems resolved.

When a Trac ticket is resolved, the status will be "closed" instead of "new". Also, in the search results and when mentioned in other tickets, it will be displayed with a strikethrough line. Ticket #6688 is not resolved. It does have a patch, which is the Phab differential D4123, indicated in the summary of the ticket.

In order to determine how you can help with a ticket, you should read all of the comments in the Trac ticket, as well as the comments in the Phabricator differential, and any linked content. Phab differential D4123 has status "Needs Review", but there are currently no reviewers assigned. Also, the person who authored it, Stan, is retired. It seems like there were related issues uncovered during development of the patch, and an intent to prevent the problem of player-owned Gaia entites from happening in the future.

In my opinion, it doesn't seem like a good "first issue" for a new developer to work on.

Documentation about the WIldfire Games development process is here. It links to this guide to WFG development web services. That links to this explanation of how to use Trac as a developer. The second document links to this list of starter tasks (ie. good first issues for a new developer).

After you have read the documentation, I advise that you meet with developers in #0ad-dev on QuakeNet IRC, especially those who can act as reviewers, to describe your plan and get answers to any questions that you have about the WFG development process before you start formulating a proposed change.

17 hours ago, Baelish said:

Can I only fork on github and do it on my own?

The master WFG upstream source control system is a Subversion repository, not Git. If you insist on using Git then you can do so, but you'll ultimately end up exporting your changes as a diff patch instead of a Git pull request.


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