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Trip to the Hospital...

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That sucks.

I once got hit by a pitch in baseball. It was right on the ankle. I didn't know this for two weeks after, but it was broken, and during those two weeks, I was playing both at least two hours of soccer and baseball each....

It sucked because I couldn't play in the baseball tournament because of it.

I've never broken of dislocated or anything else like that at all before or even after yet.

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I think I broke my big toe once, it look a little different from the other one. I was playing handball and had to run to the wall, I slipped a few feet in front of it and my foot went straight into the brick wall.

I'm always hurting myself, but never anything too serious. Elbows and wrists always hurt from a fighting class I go to (BJJ, wrestling, boxing, and other various things) Knees constantly bruised from it too.

And I did catch and accidental head but right under the chin while boxing. The persons head hit my jaw hard enough to make both ears pop, and make my whole jaw lopsided for a few days.

Loads of other stuff like that, but again, nothing serious.

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