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Report to a player (Pauline09)

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This is the image that was posted above.


The messages from 20:35 to 20:41 appear to be in-game. The messages from 20:44 onwards are in the lobby.

Thanks for the report. Game hosters are expected to moderate in-game chat by first warning then kicking or banning players that are abusive. Ideally the hosters publish rules for games that they host, and enforce those rules. Here is an example.

19 hours ago, IfYouWantMyAccountNameMailMe said:

I have posted the image of all what has happened, it did happen through a room chat and through the global chat. I would like him to get banned.

WFG moderators are focused on conduct in the lobby, as well as other WFG servers like the forum, unless the in-game conduct is very bad, as in this example. I observed Pauline09's conduct in the lobby and muted Pauline09 for 24 hours for the profanity and pejoratives that Pauline09 used. I will keep an eye on the user and they'll get consequences for further infractions.

_Diogene, in the future, please don't insult people, even those who are being abusive. You called Pauline a coward and loser. These are mild, but two wrongs don't make a right. Let's just report people and try to seek peace.

Thanks for the report, keep posting them. The mainlog.html files are more useful because they include all chat from the game, which gives more context. They can be parsed with this program. You don't need to run the program, just post the mainlog.html file in the future.

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