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Proposal for a New 0 A.D. Biannual Team Tournament with set teams


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Hello, fellow warriors of 0 A.D., 

This is ScribeOfAges, or 70H4NN2S if you've seen me in the lobby, greeting you from this side of the screen. Although I'm a relatively new player, I have dived deep into the fascinating world of 0 A.D. and have come to cherish the camaraderie and competition this platform provides. Today, I come to you with my first announcement, one that is aimed at invigorating our gaming experience.

Joining forces with effervescent and MuchoLag, we have brainstormed and envisioned a new dimension to our beloved game – a biannual Team Game Tournament. The purpose behind this idea is not only to introduce a fresh wave of excitement but also to offer a platform where we can unite, grow, and have even more fun playing 0 A.D.

Here's a brief outline of how we envision this tournament:

1. Teams: Each team will consist of 4 players, along with additional members as replacements if needed. A minimum of 4 known players are required to form a team.

2. Leadership: Every team will have a leader, a beacon guiding the team's progress. The leader's role includes choosing the team's name, selecting new members when necessary, and, under the agreement of at least 50% of the other team members, having the power to replace a team member (maximum twice a year). 

This proposal is not only about creating an additional competitive event, but it's also about fostering team spirit, strategic coordination, and developing deeper relationships within our gaming community. 

We believe this new structure could enhance the incentive to play, improve, and experience the joy of 0 A.D. in a novel way.

However, let it be known that this is an initial idea, the first step in a journey we wish to embark on together. Your opinion matters. We want this to be a collaborative venture, driven by the wisdom of the crowd. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to our community, we encourage you to voice your thoughts, propose modifications, or suggest entirely new ideas. 

Let's use this opportunity to not only refine this proposition but also to make our 0 A.D. community stronger, more united, and continue to enjoy this game that brought us all together.

Looking forward to hearing from each one of you. Until then, prepare your troops and keep your strategies sharp. 


Best regards,

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4 minutes ago, Stockfish said:

Good propose, but, I would make it 3v3 to make more teams If you don't it will probably be 4 teams as max. You have my support! :)


we could have maybe 5 player teams. We could organize different events this way each time. Like 1 vs 1 until each team member dies, 4vs4, 3vs3, etc with one replacement in case somebody is not there.

Or we could start with small teams, 3 members and let them grow 1 member after the first tournament

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I'm definitely into this.

I like the idea of having a pot of players from which leaders can select names with conditions like 1 player in a certain rating range. For example: a 1200-1300 pick, a 1300-1400 pick, 1500-1600 pick, etc.

This would balance teams better by preventing scenarios like having more than one super-op players or super-nub players in a single team. It would also involve newer players who maybe intimidated to participate in such a tournament.

p.s. - I realize now that it sounds like I'm proposing flexible teams, which is contrary to the title of fixed teams. :D

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Great. Follow this topic from now on:

I will add you to the players poll. We sadly stopped allowing the users to create their teams entirely on their own, because it doesn't work. We will pick team leaders that will create their team. But you can become a team leader and pick all your friends, so you stay in a group if you want to.

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