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RE-Join to a26 game as observer problem AND some players cant join when i host (all when i use a firewall)


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i have enabled the Ubunto firewall


looks working. but sometimes now some problems.

i guess it has something to do with this.

some players cant join my team-games but about every 3th teamgames is one player how cannot join. thats new for me that this happens so often.

and it often join a game and after about 10 or 15 minutes connection to the game lost. then i rejoin but then see joined as observer and see me twice :D:( (i thought its also visible in my last life-stream but wasn't. i see life-stream also have stopped ... oh. hmm  )

that has happened about 3times now. i wonder that enable a firewall has so much effect. hmmm.


as example this TG from today attached (BTW seems no problems with 1v1 games till now at the moment)

But i guess here you only then will see that i stoped playing

commands.txt metadata.json

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  • seeh changed the title to RE-Join to a26 game as observer problem AND some players cant join when i host (all when i use a firewall)

If you think that your firewall is responsible for the problem then there should be firewall logs that demonstrate blocked network packets. Check the logs and compare it with the symptoms. If there are no logged blocked packets then either firewall logging isn't enabled (enable it), or the firewall is not responsible for the problem.

There are many possible causes of players being unable to join your games. Check the answer to Failed to connect to the server. UDP port 20595 not being forwarded. in the FAQ. The best setup for hosting is as follows.

  • Ensure that you do not have carrier-grade NAT (explained in the FAQ)
  • Do not use STUN
  • Use a static LAN (private) IP address
  • Disable UPnP
  • Configure a port forward to your private IP address
  • Open the correct port in your firewall configuration for new incoming UDP traffic. The port is usually 20595.

The second-best setup is to use all of the above, except UPnP instead of a port forward.

Realize that even if your network setup is optimal then in some cases the problems are on the remote end, so the only change that will allow those players to connect is helping them troubleshoot their network problems.

You can get visibility of the actual network packets being sent and received with Wireshark. It shows you all network traffic involving your computer, even if it is being blocked by your firewall.

I wrote the answer in the FAQ, so if you need further assistance with troubleshooting then talk to me privately, for example on IRC.

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ty @Norse_Harold.  today i not good this problem. i played TG and 1v1 game. maybe a side-effect with something (i fixed today a mod, maybe a side-effect). or side-effect with last network fix that i was reading today morning here. maybe it was temporarily. but i will check your =>"best setup for hosting is as follows ... " ty


-> now end of the day and i was in some games also in a big TG without problems anymore  :). so it seems ok now (and my firewall seems not a problem - lets see).

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