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HAPPY-DICTATOR - verbal abuse in the lobby and possible ratings abuse


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Hello everyone,
calimeroakadds here;

Happy-Dictator hosted a map where the view is fully visible and starting ressources 3k I think.
Today player paused with no reason, by reason I mean, something like, hey sorry, I need to open the door, turn off gas, go to toilett etc.
Just something that would help me understand the situation and not thinking I'm beeing spyed on an open visible map so that Player can take tactical advantages.
While pausing today with 'afk' as reason and asking what does afk mean in the first place no answer. While I was pausing and later on confronting him with, aren't you then one that pauses with no reason, I wrote I don't like the gameplay and paused, left for the mainpage to find the reporting link and wanted to rejoin the game that was not joinable anymore.
In the main chat for multiplayer then I was insulted by player

Image of insultion:



0.0.26\2023-05-26_0001 10:04

as seen in previous games with player, I have no problem with giving up see game 0.0.26\2023-05-22_0005 18:26

But insultion is not ok and neither quitting the game. Player would have won again statistically.


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4 hours ago, Gurken Khan said:

You should post there and follow the instructions in the first post:

Yes, because chances are he paused it because he was worried that Calimero was winning.

This is more than a report of a ratings abuse. It's also a report of verbal abuse in the lobby. I'll punish that by muting HAPPY-DICTATOR for 1 day and applying a probationary period where there is a 1 day mute for each subsequent infraction over the next 2 weeks.

Thanks for reporting this, it helps us keep the lobby an enjoyable experience for everyone.

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  • Norse_Harold changed the title to HAPPY-DICTATOR - verbal abuse in the lobby and possible ratings abuse

Hello again,

Player HAPPY-DICTATOR opened up a new account with the same trolling. New Name ist ALWAYS-MUTED.

Yesterday morning again the same word "@#$%tard" and today when joining users game 'faggot'

This is the second violation and even a new one because of the new account.
I already posted the issue in the upper attached forum.

thx for the support and feedback.


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