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Magna Graecia


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Greek (Hellene) colonists gain a foothold in lower Italy, but before they conquer the native peoples, they must gather enough resources to expand. Females pick berries for much needed food, while men mine nearby precious metals and lumber nearby trees. Expansion will be tricky, as the adjoining territory, along with its resources, is controlled by the enemy. The cliffs help defend against an attack by sea, but will they forge a large enough force to deal with their new environment?

[img center]http://www.wildfiregames.com/~art/screenshots/Magna-Graecia-small.jpg[/img center]

Our monthly screenshot has been released and it's entitled, "Magna Graecia." What you'll see for the first time are resource harvesting and territory borders! The shot also includes a complete Mediterranean Biome terrain set. We're very proud of this month's screenshot, so click the preview to see the entire shot in full 1152x864 resolution glory!

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