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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all. After seeking for a solution and many try, I'm asking for your help now. I'm experiencing trouble changing the 0ad hotkeys. Even if I follow the procedure mentionned in the header of the default.cfg file, i can't re-asign hotkey. Changes does not affect the game. What i did : I created the following local.cfg file in the same folder that de default.cfg file, that is to say in "C:\Users\Odin\AppData\Local\0 A.D. alpha\binaries\data\config" In this file, I wrote for exemple : [gui.session.diplomacycolors] self = "0 0 255" ; Color of your units when diplomacy colors are enabled ally = "0 255 0" ; Color of allies when diplomacy colors are enabled neutral = "126 126 126" ; Color of neutral players when diplomacy colors are enabled enemy = "255 0 0" ; Color of enemies when diplomacy colors are enabled </h1> This modification works fine and is taken into acount in 0ad, However, when I write this : hotkey.session.queueunit.1 = "A" ; add first unit type to queue hotkey.session.queueunit.2 = "Z" ; add second unit type to queue hotkey.session.queueunit.3 = "E" ; add third unit type to queue hotkey.session.queueunit.4 = "R" ; add fourth unit type to queue hotkey.session.queueunit.5 = "T" ; add fivth unit type to queue hotkey.session.queueunit.6 = "Y" ; add sixth unit type to queue hotkey.session.queueunit.7 = "U" ; add seventh unit type to queue hotkey.session.queueunit.8 = "I" ; add eighth unit type to queue nothing is changing. What do I miss ? I really need to reasign hot key default ones make me crasy IG. more over if i change directly default.cfg file, nothing about hotkeys changes are taken into account. I tryed civMOD too but it add to much unusefull shorkcut according to me, or maybe you can convince me to install it back. Thanks,
  2. Hi, I'd like to modify Petra bot to make the first AI house to be built within Civic Center range. I think the code to manage it is in this part in queueplanBuilding, but it seems to have no impact on the game. Here's the code: if (template.hasClass("House") && !alreadyHasHouses) { // try to get some space to place several houses first bestTile = placement.findBestTile(3*radius, obstructions); if (!bestTile.val) bestTile = undefined; } I tried modifying the radius multiplier to 6, 2, even 0.5 but it seems that they always end up building it outside of CC's perimeter, sometimes even at the edge of territory. I tried to find findBestTile code but to no avail. I believe findBestTile prevents any building to be built inside CC's range. Does anyone might know about this findBestTile script? Thank you.
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