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Found 1 result

  1. in 0AD units all is very vey equal, but in ancient world we have many varieable cost: FAQ: EP Expenmsive but powerful "epos" CP cheap & poerful $carthaginian & persian light calvary" EW ·expensive and weak" example: Persian champion "except kardaces" CW chrap and weak "sparabara" civs: Athen: Calvary "EP" "the greek calvary was powerful but very uncommon" Slinger "CW" the thracian peltast and creatan archers are CP "the thracian pelthast and cretan archers are CP because athen has many cash for hire this mercenaries Holipites EP celts "brit & gaul: infantry CW calvary EP+ "the celtic calvary was pf the best calvary in the world, but this calvary were the celtic elite and is very expensive" carthage: Light calvary CP+ "North africa was horse country +100.000 mount per year" melee calvary EP "ibear, italic and celtic" infantry: celtic swordsman CP* "a cheap but poweful soldiers" samnite & holipite EP iberian mercenaries CP "during second punic war a huge part of iberian peninsula was domininated by carthage and all soldiers avaible must fight for carthage iberians: Infantry CP "exception: spearman, is CW" "toledo steel gives this power" calvary EP "the calvary were the iberian elite" macedon: infantry ranged CP "thracian peltast" holipites: EP "macedonian training" calvary EP "very good calvary but expensive" maurya: elephants CP+ infantry CW calvary CW persia: calvary "EP" mada asabara is CP+ "horse country" ranged infantry CP "a very cheap but powerful archers" spearmen CW champion infantry EW ptolomeaics: Calvary: EP slinger & skrmisher CP "libiophenician skmisher" and jufdean slinger "other super slinger, can't fight aganist iberian slinger but was very goood" holipite "required tachnology, default EP" "milita thureos" CW rome: melee infantry EP "super infantry" veles CW "a very weak skrmishers" calvary EW "very bad calvary" Seleucids: calvary EP "light calvary is CP+" light infantry CP holipites: CP "required tachnology, default EP" milita thureos CW "poor citizens with celtio-iliran style appereanc and attack" spartans: light infantry EW calvary EW holipite EP+ what means??? CP+ 30% cost + 2.5x attack CP 50% + 2x attack CP* "modern armor" ½ cost 2.5x attack EP* "moder armor" 2x cost, 2½x attack CW 50% cost + ½ attack EW 200% cost + ½ attack EP 200% cost + 2x attack EP+ 300% cost + 2.5x attack 100% cost is deafult cost of a unit 1x attack means the deafult attack of this unit
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