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  1. Sam Sam Sam. If you can't do it, than who can?
  2. There have been a couple of run ins with the law in my day. Most of them have been from my neighbors callingn the police because my friends and I are too loud at 3 in the morning.
  3. I didn't have enough time with school and sports, but now thats it's summer again I decided to come back.
  4. Who is you favorite actor? jim carrey Who is your favorite actress? jessica beil What is your favorite Band? social distortion Who is your favorite singer? jack johnson What is your favorite book? hitchhikers guide to the galaxy What is you favorite movie(s)? old school What is your favorite food? sushi What is your favorite radio station? kroq What is you favorite color?green what is your favorite past-time? baseball
  5. There are a lot of funny videos on www.big-boys.com
  6. Hello everyone out there in the WFG forums. I used to be know as chichigrande a long time ago. As you might of guessed my name is Matt and I live in Southern California. I came back to see the progress on 0 A.D. and I must say it looks awesome.
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