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  1. Agreed =) Ok, so basicaly i think that what happened was a missunderstanding of me =) But thanks for the clarification. BTW: it kicks-@#$% =D
  2. Hy, let me talk about what i think ^^ i guess it's not a flaw, it looks like a flaw because it goes against the "recipe" of the regular RTS, but can be a good idea. About Militia-Citizens: I think it's cool, and reflects the true meaning of a worker in that days, men at least are suposed to be strong and able to bear arms to defend theyr homeland, so, economic units, with battle prowess is really a good thougt, but not strongmilitary unis with economic prowess (i say this not only for gameplay balance, because the kick-@#$% soldiers were not real crafters, they were professional soldiers). Of course, besides pointing flaws i have to suggest best ways to solve it. - why it could be a problem? If all the military units have economic capabilyties, sieges and raising new sttlements would be extremely easy, i only should raid, destroy and them ocupy with all my kick-@#$% soldiers, that are by instance excelent masons and woodworkers (not sarcasm, don't take me wrong). How It could be solved, providing rush possibilityes but allowing you to have soldiers that can work? Insted of this, create an upgrade that provide "light military units" to have economic prowess or an upgrade that gives villagers military training, giving them more armor, attack and so. and of course, the possibility to make them defensive (will run if attacked by enemy units) or agressive (will retaliate enemy units attack if possible). It will balance more the gameplay, giving you chance to focus in militarey or economic if you so desire. But the adding of a siege workshop would be a good stuff, because you know, if you are aiming for historical accuracy, producing refined siege engine weapons was not a Barraks assignment, but a professional job, that required a special workshop (a siege workshop). But training all the military organic units at the Baracks makes a lot of sense to me. and would be owesome if the Baracks could be used as a refugee, (like AOK Castles) for units to rest and heal and for archers attack. Bonus suggestion/Question: Is that possible make "mixed Units"? A good Example would be an infantry, armed with short Spears for fighting cavalry, capability to trow (once) the spear at a short distance and use short swords to hand-to-hand combat?
  3. it will run in more "humble" computers?
  4. cool, upkeep sux a lot, but in my starting i have a lot of questions (a lot could sound dumb for you, and for that i apologyze) but i promess, for the tey that are about to come i will study more and ask less =D
  5. Sounds good, but it wouldn't make the game runs slower or consume more memory? (not a bit more, but a lot more, because as far as i know Java sometimes can be veeeery "heavy") But the point could be: - you win the scenario and for instance starts the next one with a bit more units more experienced beuce you kicked-@#$% last map. Now you earned a little advantage. It couldn't be fixed by making the computer start with... let's say 50% of the advantage you recieved? Just for make the fight a bit more harder for the computer (or a bit easyer for you) but of course, not that could end the chalenge, because is here that lives one importante point: -> games should be: fun, nice, run smooth, challenging and balanced. As far as i can see, beta-testing the game will not be a dificult.
  6. yeah, that was one hard stuff to keep the eyes on, because every RTS gamer knows: in one part of the game, resources (specialy in games where food is renewed by farms) are not a problem, population is. Another Question: will exist a population upkeep? (Warcraft III would be a good example)
  7. well, without concerning about the codes, but map and mod editors, that would be possible too?
  8. a queue for technologies, is a pretty damm good add and it reaises a new question and i don't know if this os for this topic: will diferent units have different population costs? Because one of the problens in age of empires is: yu can have 200 skirmisher, and you can have 200 elite war elephants =/ In my humble opinion, if microsoft carryed about launching a patch for population cost fix, Age of Empires 3 would only happened as a graphic engine optimizer for the series. Those who play starcraft know and understand what i'm saying
  9. some serious stuff to take in mind for screen resolution is: - you need a lot of options. - you need options of resolutions that would play nice in more humble computers (using the lowest graphics possible). - take in consideration the size of the units. i mean: wich would be the point of making detailed and beautiful unit, if in a great resolution the player will be unable to see them well and "enjoy the wiew", and today, more and more players enjoy great resolutions, and good graphics, if the units are proportionaly too small, they will not enjoy the cool graphics you are working for. I say this as a player of course
  10. yeah, Tyr Bardagui was wiking soldiers lines, they evoke Tyr, the god of courage of the asgardian pantheon and Bardagui, as fas as i know is battle or somehing. This feature of language is realy imersive. One of the succes features of blizzard games and age of empires series was: attention to details, because pleyers don't pay attention, but fans do! You are German right SMST? well, i'm Brazilian and i'm learning German =) want to exchange knowledge?
  11. basicaly i meant that the goal stuff was not my original idea, but you mentioned it, and that was a good idea. Campaign with sequell would be awesome, not exactly the same units, but at least one part of "good experienced soldiers"
  12. Well, that was not my idea, in the core, but you really raised a point! - Probably, in the begginning or in differente points of the campaigns, the player recieve a list of goals to choose one, like: "exterminate, in all maps, enemys of that civilization" if he acomplishes this, next map and next map and next maps the enemis will becoming weaker, because of the heavy losses or "Every map you should end with more than X of Y resource ou resurces" if he acomplishes this optional quest on the following map he starts with extra resources, to show him that his economic prowess really payed for! or "You should lose, no more tham x% of all your military units in every map". If it Happens, on next maps his soldiers, if the game counts with veterancy, will start more experienced, to reflect that he is using good soldiers, hardened by the heat of former battles. Those for instance are few "optional objctive-quest lines" that should reward (not punish, to not harm the gameplay) the player that tryes to follow one path in war.
  13. Personal experience and "i guesses" from me: - Age of Empires II Shippments from home citye: that was cool on the beggining, and the deck building could really do you win by obliteration, what caused the gameplay on multiplayer be more based on how good you build the home citye tham the actual meelee combat with swords classhing and bullets flying. for finish: very nice, but not useful for balance. - One think that i love in starcraft (and total anihilation) is the "kill count" on units, really, its awesome see the number of units that your unit send to the gates of oblivion. This, toghether with an experience system would be cool. I will show my idea bellow: For example (because i don't know the upgrades and sutff, so i will use AOK). You have your unit, a paladin for say! - Your paladin earn experience points for each unit he kills, but diferente units should give diferente experience points, because killing a villager is ultra-easy, but kill a pikeman or a camel, for a paladin is a hard-day task. So, basica-ly, diferente units will give diferente ammounts of XP for diferent Units. - The other case would be spend experience points (that you earn too) and gold to hire mercenaries, that would work like elite units or even Heroes for your troops. Well, would like to hear your feedback, to know if my ideas are dumb or what
  14. Question: Will the campaigns be historically accurate? And none the last: Is possible use campaigns in the styles of "what if" making changes in the course of the campaign deppending on results?
  15. The queuee idea is good. and for sure, using voices on the units is very very game-imersing. remenber Age of empires II that have lines on the languages of the civilizations: TYR BARDAGUI!
  16. YEah Jeru, let's go for the points: - My skills in programming are close to zero, and i'm pretty sure that they are not usefull today, but i will build them to be stronger, and probably usefull on the days that are about to come. - I have a few Videos on youtube that i made for the place i work, those are only humble videos with image captures and simple editing. ->This one is for an event inside the game, it didn't happened, but it looked pretty good: ->This one is my very-first video, simple introducion and simple transitions and stuff. But we always get bound to old crappy stuff =( The voice is my own, in portuguese, helping costumers of the store i work to create theyr accounts using one system in WOW. -> This one is a simple footage of a comedy sketch about a job interview, it's only funny in portuguese =( but ok we used it on a contest and we won 2nd place! I'm working in a new projetc, it's for instance a tribute do Age of Empires II ^^ I'm doing it using your program for edit mods of age II, but for footage and chroma-key stuff! I will be good, wen it is done i will show you for sure! I had a lot of other vídeos with good introductions and heavy-gear sutff, but my HD is now dead, with a lot of sutff =( *personal note: use backups next time* Hope i'm not scaring you with my way of talking or what, but i can garantee that i'm ok ^^ And you can be so sure as the sun will rise tomorrow that i will spread the word!
  17. you can count on me Jeru! I also Made an application, if you could see i would be glad (but see the edited part, because i commited some mistakes)
  18. Well, let's follow the protocolls and introduce myself to the community. I'm Garick (real name: Gustavo) I'm Brazilian, 25 years old. I play Age of Empires I since its creation, back in 1998 i guess and Age of empires II (and the awesome conquerors expansion) since 1999 (yeah, i was 15 back in that day. The time passed and i grew old, but the passion for the especific game only became bigger and bigger. I play by average against humans, i have a lot to learn. I discovered your site i not even know how! but i fell here and i saw the amazing job that you are doing! i'm reading the stuff for more tham one week and i bought a few books to learn how to code in C++, i will learn it, even if it's needed to start from dust =D I have good skills in video editing and i offer myself to translate the game for portuguese wen the time comes! As Aragorn would say: You have my sword (yeah, i'm a geek ) Ps.: sorry about the crappy english, it's not my mother language, if you see mistakes in my speelling, please, warn me and i will work to make thinks right!
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