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  1. If you could give the link to the game, it would great
  2. So, I think Garick has given good reasons to both my points. It's up to you to decide what to do :-)
  3. I have reading the codebase of 0AD since 2 days and I am able to understand it but I am unable to contribute to it because of such large code. And as I am good web programmer, I was thinking to develop a Browser game for 0AD using it's graphics in 3 month vacation starting this may. This way I will be contributing to WFG and 0AD. Well, what do you do if he gives a small link in a big paragraph on his "Copyrights description" page. You can't be sure that his game will give the same exposure as ours. 0AD has the best graphics I have seen until now which can be used in a browser based game and It will be a huge success if we do so. If u think that I am allowed to develop a Browser game for WFG during my vaacation I will start writing a detailed proposal about this.
  4. I don't know who are the actual WFG. I thought it was you so I wrote it. I will be providing a detailed design and prototype of the game so that WFG community can discuss whether to build one or not. And yes, I am still saying that he can use the graphics but only asking him to rethink about it. -pavan
  5. Sorry about it. I am not a native english speaker. So bear with my grammar and temrinology Ok. But it can also lead to more rushing. We have 1000 of each resorces initially at the start of the game right ? What if we keep on building military units and send them onto the opponent while he is playing economically. Yeah. It is right but the fact is they are military units and can lead to rushing. I am not a game designer but I have played a lot of strategy games in different aspects. Every games contains a stable and seige structure. I would like you to consider why they are doing so ?
  6. Me and philip have been discussing about it just today. It's not an old discussion. Philip says that it's an interesting. It is potentially good idea to build a browser game which can provide exposure to the main one. Ubisoft did the same with "heroes of might and magic" So why don't we build one for 0AD ? Please Let us discuss about it here
  7. Yeah you can use them, But I think It will be a problem for you because wildfiregames themselves are considering the idea to build a browser game alongside the main one. You can use the graphics but it will be like 2 browser based games having the same graphics. So, I suggest you to rethink about using 0AD graphics. If you want graphics for your browser game you will be able to get a graphic designer for cheap from here www.conceptart.org/forums
  8. Hi, I am pavan. I have been hanging in the IRC for 3 days and love to contribute to this project. I have seen a small flaw in the game design. According to this http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/List%3A...r%3A_Structures The civil center will be able to train 3 military units and 1 Support unit. But the civil center will be existent at the start of the game, which make training of military units possible immediately after start of game. I think this is a serious flaw. I suggest that we remove the training of military units from civil center And also we don't have any stuctures like stable and workshops which will make not so good game design. We introduce 2 new structures: Stable, training cavalry and Workshop training seiges -pavan
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