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  1. I am all for other modes, but lets let them finish the core game first. i dont want to be waiting longer than we have to because they are adding other game modes. if someone else mods these modes after the game is released officially then more power to them. but other wise, i'd be happy just playing the core game
  2. Awesome progress guys! i'm getting antsy, its really starting to look great. I also didnt quite no where to post this so i figured i would say something here, your link for the ubuntu download and installation seems to be broken.
  3. I am excited but if I have learned anything while using linux is dont get your hopes too high, otherwise you are likely to be disappointed when it comes to mainstream gaming for linux!
  4. why does it say the download for ubuntu is currently unavailable
  5. What about starcraft 2. i think the original starcraft is probably one of my favorite RTS's of all time
  6. I realize this is for 0 A.D. but seeing as the forums on last alliance are dead i figured someone could answer here. is the last alliance dead or is it just waiting for the completion of 0 A.D. before it is continued
  7. why no more monthly roundups? those would be nice to see. plus they are a moral booster for the community and followers of the game.
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