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  1. I voted Persians. I like the ancient Mesopotamian (sp?) cultures, like the Assyrians and Babylonians. I know Persians aren't the same, but I guess they are similar. They just seem really colourful and unique compared to the other civs, so that might be another reason why I'd like to play them first. Iberians will be fun I think. In RTS's, I like raiding, and it would be interesting to try them out. Carthaginians would be cool too. Peace! Mr.C
  2. Lol, I got one question right: #3. So I have good memory, but not good at simplifying and I worry too much about crocs that aren't there . Maybe I'm with Paal, 25% right. Oh yeah! Two brothers working at Mac D's! ;)
  3. I heard today that Canadian companies built the landing gears for the A380. Was it Bombardier for the nose gear and Goodyear for the wing gears? I guess they also have to adapt all kinds of airports so this guy can land, too. Definitely a cool airplane. Cheers, Mr.C
  4. @Yieul: Whoah! Sweet, good stuff! Where did you get the formula for that? Regarding my sci-fi world, it's basically lots of wars between races, but I'd like to make it realistic (like in the history of cultures, languages, military stuff), deep, diverse, and fun. @CodeOptimist: I think the Huygens mission is really cool. It was neat seeing the stuff on the news. As for astronomy in general, I think the outer planets, like Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune are probably the most interesting for me. Although it would still be better to live on Earth of course. Cheers, Mr.C
  5. Lol, has anyone here actually shaved their head?
  6. Thank you guys! Lol, mini Paal . Well, my first name is Christian. As for my interests, I like computers, computer networking (as you can see in my signature ), sci-fi (Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate SG-1, plus a world of my own I created a few years ago), martial arts (like my bro, I am a blue belt in Wado Karate), computer games, military stuff, astronomy, marine life, that kind of thing. I also like to draw and use my sometimes silly imagination. Cheers, Mr.C
  7. This is definitely pretty sweet. It will be neat to see what they dig up in the coming years. Does anyone know if you can see Saturn from Titan?
  8. Hello there, I have just joined the Wildfire Games forums. I am the brother of a 0 AD member, Paal_101. He is how I got to know of this community. I look forward to being here! Cheers, Mr.C
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