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  1. Back already :-)

    If you think of the engineering involved, the palisades above the arch aren't rammed into anything, so they wouldn't hold. Maybe let them go all the way down into the irverbed and space them apart a bit, so that the water can flow between them? I was unable to find any references though, and this wouldn't work on big rivers anyway.

    Exactly why I mentioned my doubts about the stability. I thought about leaving out one spike in two at the centre, but I'm kinda a bit afraid it might not get the message through enough. If anyone has ideas, feel free to sketch or make it. I'll give some other stone walls a try tomorrow and let the wooden walls rest until we have some good sketches or references.

    OMG Helm's Deep would be soooo epic!

    It (=helm's deep) could probably be done by making the wall segment with the grate separate and giving the bomb unit a ginormous bonus against that segment.

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  2. I think if we're going to implement (buildable) bridges we should make them simple, i.e. no weight. Drawbridges (a bit like gates) sound interesting, I'm curious as to whether that's feasible. I think we should make bridges high enough so that boats can go under. I always hated how bridges blocked boats in AoE, but this might be difficult for the artwork.

    Here's my opinions on your points:

    - There will should be two types of bridges - wood and stone.

    Ok, I agree

    - They should be implemented similar to walls, with sections and towers (maybe?) for the stone ones.

    I agree, that way the stone bridges can also easily be used for docks :-)

    - When a bridge section with units on it is destroyed, the units drown.

    Not sure whether 'drown' is the right word here. Let's say we just instakill them for the time being. If someone wants to make drown animations some day in the future that would look amazing, but atm it's overkill.

    - Wooden bridges have less weight capacity than stone ones (might need a weight property for units now)

    Nope. Let's keep weight capacity out of it. That's good for building sims, but this is a strategy game. The fact that enemies can destroy bridges is enough.

    - Stone bridge sections could upgrade to drawbridges to allow ships to pass

    Like gates (but over water)? Sounds interesting, not sure how feasible (because of the sudden gap), but definitely something to think about.

    - Bridge sections can be built from ships with units garrisoned aboard, or from adjacent sections or land

    I'd leave the ship part out. That's going to look weird, and why would you do that???

    - Maximum length for wooden bridges is greater than for stone bridges (no typo)

    I'd have both bridges be only buildable in a straight line and for a certain max length.

    - Stone bridges will be able to cross a deeper depth than wooden ones

    Hard for players to see at an instant which one they need to use. I'd leave that out for simplicity.

    - Bridges needn't be over water

    :thumbsup: agreed

    - Bridges over land (a canyon, say) will look different from water bridges

    That means 2x the artwork, not sure that is necessary... we could add some waterlines/algae to the water bridge textures.

    I'm a cs student and I'm really looking forward to contributing to 0A.D. but I'm afraid that bridges are slightly out of my league for the time being. If no one does it by 2017, I'll do it :-)

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  3. That would be really impressive.

    To add to these ideas what if the farm animations were different depending on where the farm was placed. For example on a hot terrain you might have maize (corn) or some other summer fruit or vegetable and on a cold terrain you might have cabbage or some other winter fruit or vegetable.

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