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  1. Die Oasenstadt These are some impressions of the city. I hope you like it. I put a lot of time in it and had great fun, still its not finished. Unfortunately it will always stay a digital diorama, instead of being filled with a little life.
  2. PLEASE NO! but honestly, these are essential to a "realistic" looking environment.
  3. It says: "You have used all of the attachment. space you are allowed. Manage Attachments to free up space. And ist it normal that I can only upload/post 5GB?
  4. Hey Guys, I'm new in the forum, but I'm playing with 0 A.D. for years. Mostly only using the editor. I really have to say I love the level of detail in this game. I'm what you would call a "Schönbauer" in German, beauty builder so to say. I'm currently working on a desert city, with Seleucid and Ptolemaic architecture, with some Carthaginian structures for highlighting. All on a modified "Oasis Map ps. I'd like to share more screenshots, but somehow the forum doesn't let me.
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