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  1. I watch a program about the Vikings on TV. An idea for the game, maybe the war to do as a goal of capturing the city for further development! The game of course about the ancient military knowledge, but you could add goals - like building on the map, and it's not a sandbox and not a mod. After all, that's how many tribes developed at the time. You could make war an option for the game, focusing on historical events, and make this whole game freely evolving and with all the ancient civilizations.
  2. Russia is not just a prison of nations, here nationalities simply do not have where they came from, and who they have become where they came from. One can only envy that people are decent and well-mannered. That's why here we associate freedom of speech with a free way of life, when it's lost its head everywhere on the planet. In Russia, cultural chaos is only on television; in life, people are boring and silent.
  3. The modern police are at war with drug addicts who apply the ancient cultures of those people who had no traditions of having a comfortable time. And now all drugs are actually ancient cultures. And the modern police have to understand what they are up against. If I were the police, I wouldn't get involved in ancient problems. Since people are stupid and still consume the first means that led to problems centuries later, let them continue to degrade.
  4. I'am from unknown lands, no place for origins, but in blood - nations of the north Europe, south Europe, east Asia, но говорю на русском, copy of every language from every land of this crazy world. Origins - Samara, refugees city in Russia, city with peoples lots of counties. Russia - refugees of the planet.
  5. You could make this game two or three modes, strategy, construction and sandbox. Of course, it's a matter of time. But distinguished by the fact that the first civilizations in one game in all modes. A total of five modes: Campaign, online, construction and sandbox. I liked the game very much, very authentic and even just addictive with its first application, strategy. Such a free project is even better than the well-known similar games.
  6. This was the first time I encountered a game that exists on enthusiasm and interest in ancient history. You could eventually polish the appearance, make a less beautiful loading of modifications, the choice of game mode, from sandbox to strategy. A kind of all-in-one. For those interested in history.
  7. A very competent historical game. Such a game should be supported by all methods and everywhere by us. A kind of excursion into the past of our planet, when tribes first appeared. This game lacks all those historical tribes that created ancient civilizations. In addition to battles, I would quite like a simple strategy to develop a civilization without fighting. A game like this should be released every six months and updated to add real historical objects to the game. I would like this project to become a worthy substitute for the poppy well-known strategies. (If anything is wrong, it's deepl)
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