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  1. 37 minutes ago, Sevda said:

    Allowing cavalry to come out of infantry barracks only helps the cav spammer and makes you die more quickly, because the spammer only needs to get 8 barracks and suddenly he can spam either inf or cav en mass. But if cavalry stables exist then they have to build inf barracks and cav stables, which cost more time and resources.

    About cav being OP, that is true. If you only have spearman then I can kill all of your 100 spearman without loss using only 10 ranged cavalry unit. One can simply retreat and free-draw an arc around your spearmen then fire, repeating this process whenever your spearmen gets close.

    It's nice that the game is rich in every aspect, but chasing cavalry all day spoils the fun of the game and is a waste of time for me. Immediate inference in a game with cavalry, waste of time.

    The mercenaries not working and the game turning to cavalry only wars is killing my motivation to continue playing this game. I miss the old 0AD.

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