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  1. @naniCan you include the technologies of the users in the "summary" panel at the end of the game in this mode, into autociv?
  2. It's nice that the game is rich in every aspect, but chasing cavalry all day spoils the fun of the game and is a waste of time for me. Immediate inference in a game with cavalry, waste of time. The mercenaries not working and the game turning to cavalry only wars is killing my motivation to continue playing this game. I miss the old 0AD.
  3. Even though I made 100 spearmen infantry during one game, my opponent killed them all with only 20-30 cavalry. This style of play is nothing but spam. I think the cavalry stables should be removed As on the A23, the cavalry must come out of the barracks.
  4. Sometimes we can leave the game due to internet connection problem and when we rejoin the game when I want to watch the replay, I can't see the next parts. Can we fix this?
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