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  1. The gameplay would be so much better if Workers were set to surrender once they were out of the defensive range of their own buildings or Soldiers. They should go Gaia and be subject to capture. Same for the women. I dont like how I have to invade an enemy territory and then massacre everyone all the time. There are some games where it would be fun and appropriate against certain enemies or in some situations but I would prefer to just defeat enemy forces and then incorporate their civilization toward mine. We used to build civ centers and then all of the enemy buildings in it became ours after a capture time, right? Am I mistaken? Because lately I build a civ center after destroying an enemy's, and all of the houses burn down and vanish, when the Housing is why I wanted the territory in the first place.
  2. I agree with the OPs sentiment/historical perspective, and I just play the game that way to get into it. I attack with forces usually 40-80 strong, capture some towers and barracks or temples and hold them, and then retreat. If an area is pacified I capture a food storehouse and put the veterans to work in the nearby fields. If the survivors are numerous enough and I can build my own civ center on the enemy frontier quick, I do that and settle them into work. I dont play multiplayer though, you guys must be on some other level of game play.
  3. There's no defensive bonus? I assumed there was because what army didn't want the hill top? I position in elevated inclines whenever possible and it SEEMS more effective. The attackers move more slowly toward you anyway, right? So your missile units spend more time hitting them with more attacks before they are close enough to engage.
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