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  1. Nice update on this map.

    I took the liberty of adding the standard  number of women and soldiers in Atlas for a more comfortable start.

    The old (A23) version which showed up in the map browser, to which I had also made some additions was crashing A26.  I had forgotten what the original premise was so I assigned teams at the startup (Romans vs. Gauls), so the  first time thru it wasn't so hard:)

    I plan on trying it again the way it was intended.:victory:


  2. Maybe this has been discussed elsewhere, but  when I tried to download the newest version of the community mod (in game) the game displayed a failure to rename file error and the mod failed to appear.  Disabling the older mod did not help, but finally deleting the old community mod 'folder' from the mods folder and repeating the download process eliminated the error and the new version appeared.

    I also encountered the same problem with the newest community map mod and had to delete the folders of earlier versions before the newest one would successfully download and install from within the game.

  3. 12 hours ago, Outis said:

    Hello @andy5995,

    Some skirmish maps have preselected factions. Is this by design? Can you allow faction selection for skirmish maps?

    Several Alphas ago, I used to do this all the time.

    The way I did it was to load the skirmish into the Atlas map editor, change the civilization of the live player and save the map with a slightly different name.  The trick was knowing exactly where to save the altered map so it shows up in the game.  Since those maps I altered from previous alphas are long gone, I can't remember what folder I ended up putting them. (I think the issue was the 'save as' option did not automatically point to the 'open file' directory, you have to figure out where that is).

      I vaguely recall that the name of the map file may not be the same as the name displayed in the game menu, so you also have to change  the map name somewhere within Atlas or both maps will show up in the game menu with the same original name . 

    I remember in some maps that while the first civilization was locked, you could change yourself to one of the other civs and play from there!

    This method also lets you add starting options for yourself that the original author forgot like a fortress or two or a bunch of champions.

    Of course there's no guarantee that these suggestions still work in the latest alpha.  And as Andy said above the wrong civ buildings may cause errors or not be functional.

  4. Thanks for  the info Andy.  I finally gave up back then.  

    Some time later I decided that  I may have repeated my personal tendency in applying solutions in a way the person offering the solution never intended--like me expecting Atlas to generate the map from only the seed.

    After reading some posts on starting the game from the command line it seemed to me that the real solution might be apply the random seed from the command line where the name of the random map  could be included in all the other things that needed to be included.  However from seeing  the complexity of how the command line to begin the game was generated, I decided it would be beyond my skills and inclinations to construct the command line needed to achieve my goal.

    In retrospect I probably should have just 'begged' for a REPLAY  option in the game menu for a future release.  (Or a button that loads the map from a replay file and then switches the control to you to play the game.)  I can dream...:)

  5. Spent the weekend playing the latest terramagna26, xiiiad, and millenium 0ad.  Kudos to all involved for the gorgeous work!  Since there was no vanilla civs in Mill0ad I had my work cut out playing byzantines with no heroes.  It was a big plus having so many interesting mods ready to go with A26.

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  6. Another winner Andy.

    I liked the pace set by the  resource trickle instead of near limitless resources of deathmatch.

    The best part of course was the AI was a bit confused by what was going on.

    The existing army should certainly satisfy players looking for very quick games.

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  7. Ok the following seeds generated a valley In medium Carpathian in which I was completely trapped:


    These may be useful to someone who might want to figure out why the map code is occasionally doing this.  For myself, I have no desire to play these seeds again.  However you may have answered a question I posted a long time ago about replaying a randomly generated game.  At that time I interpreted certain suggestions that I should use the seed in Atlas (which of course failed).  Thanks to Stan and Andy I see that the seed will probably work by starting the game with the command line and will investigate when I come across a particularly interesting iteration of a random map.  


  8. Andy: 

    (in A26)

    I tried Carpathian 3 times at medium map size (4 vs 4) and each time it put me in a valley  on a flank with no path out.  The first time I built a fortress up against a cliff and I was able to free 1 soldier up top  at a time by emptying a full house in that direction (So that bug  is still kind of there).

    They were able to build a camp but by that time my allies were all too far gone. I found it odd that I was the only civ that was locked in in all of my three attempts

    I changed to a normal sized map and the problem went away.

    I don't know if its worth debugging (or if it can be reproduced) but it is an interesting map. I've really enjoyed Homer's delight, Stan's Sorrow and Cliffs of Carnage from the latest release.


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  9. Feature or bug? in A26 (or at least since the introduction of the theater)


    I've  come to notice that when I capture an enemy theater that is close enough to the enemy's only CC to almost surround it, the theater in my hands has some negative effect on the CC's ability to maintain control over all his ungarrisoned buildings in the area it normally controls and they just destroy themselves.  IF I then attempt to capture the CC it self destructs, and all territory outside of the theater's influence reverts to neutral.  In the first stage after the theater capture, the CC's boundaries are of  the expected diameter and colored with the enemies color. 

    When I want that CC to be able to harvest more stuff, its kind of annoying to be cheated out of the opportunity of immediately starting production.

  10. You probably already know but in rev 26906 the game is running but the screen is solid black except for the silhouettes of my troops standing near buildings and trees.  The minimap is fine as well as the building and soldiers screens.


    As an aside, to fulfill my daily fix(es) I fired up A25 again, and I was shocked by the primitive feel and absence of all the QOL features I been experiencing with the SVN version of A26 the past few months.

    (Windows 10)

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  11. What makes this game special for me was the lack of a tedious 'campaign' and 'story' which was crippled with limited technology, so that by the time you reached the end of the campaign you maybe had one chance to use all the available options advertised up front in the last battle.  Add to that the fine tuning that you can do with opponents, starting resources, victory conditions, population, map sizes, biomes, making  your own maps--the game is essentially complete if you take a step back and take an honest look at it.

    You can argue the AI 1 vs 1 is a little predictable,  but in my experience in a 4X4 with the AI, the random combos of civs, the AI will come up many unexpected responses to try to screw you..(even your AI allies on occasion)

    Finally, obviously being open sourced, the game is obviously a personal labor of love and that beats corporate crap anytime.  It's also fun to watch.

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  12. I did the SVN update.

    Revision: 26874
    Author: marder
    Date: Wednesday, May 11, 2022 11:22:54 AM


    I've been updating without issue for a week or so  since an earlier I reverted to an earlier version to keep playing until the fix for that bug was fixed, but since that time my 0ADsvn folder has had a red exclamation point instead of a green checkmark.  Is it possible that a file was corrupted or missing and that hasn't mattered to today's update?

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