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  1. Hey @ImanJx, really happy to hear your interest! I've honestly been sidetracked and busy with other things, but please if you have some time have a look at the project on Github. I mapped out the status of some requirements, and there are a bunch of tasks there that needs to be done that may serve as a starting point: https://github.com/0ad-moba/dott/issues
  2. Thanks! Maybe, but I think a novel theme wouldn't take too much effort and would make the map more interesting as something independent and new. Heck, just basing it around the heroes that are already present (which are at least somewhat historical?) could be a possibility. Having it too realistic would probably not be a good idea though as it would limit possibilities of having magic abilities for heroes etc. I don't want to spend too much time designing the exact details of the map yet though in fear that it will have to be adapted and changed, which would lead to a lot of extra work. For instance I'm still not sure about the size of the map (it's now Giant). I'd probably want to get some of the basic features up and running and see how the game feels to play, and once that is more established start putting in the details and make the map pretty. Anyways, I'm not in a rush here so I'm fine with exploring possibilities for a while both theme wise and with game mechanics.
  3. I've drawn up the map in the editor now. It includes: 3 Lanes (like the commonly seen 5v5 maps in DoTA and LoL) A base for each team in opposite corners of the map Defense towers around the bases, and along the lanes Shop keepers (not programmed) Secret shop A river running across the map, perpendicular to the middle lane A few trees indicating where the should be forest Please find the attached screenshot. When it comes to scripting and game functions, I've started drawing up a bunch of issues on GitHub outlining what needs to be done. They should be considered as discussions for each individual topic and is a good place to define details on how to make the different parts of the game work. Regarding game mechanics and scripting and other complicated things, we will have to see how things can evolve as not everything is yet possible. As pointed out here in previous comments there has been done some work on a MMO game where items can be picked up and carried by units, and some discussions on how to select heroes at the beginning of the game has taken place in the GitHub issues.
  4. @myou5e that looks amazing, great job getting it to run! So many cool maps and games could be made with that, not just a moba. Happy to see it's at least possible! @Angen it's not available anywhere in a git repository where it's easy to browse the code etc?
  5. I started making a few issues in the GitHub repo, so if there's nothing else set up yet it could serve as a preliminary to-do list, and eventually if things pick up it could be used to track outstanding elements and bugs during development. So far I just plotted down what I could think of but it would help organise the different things that need to be done, and each issue could serve as a tracker of whether or not it is possible in the game or not yet, and which mods could be used to support it. For example, as you mentioned an inventory system, this issue could be tracking the discussion on possible ways to use it in the map, and possibly link to upstream tasks it is waiting on in the 0 A.D. source tree. The repo and organisation on GitHub is just something I threw together quickly so I'm just putting it out there as tentative place to collect ideas and drafts, but let me know if you want access. I think anyone can comment and add issues, without any special privileges.
  6. Hi all I've been interested in the possibility for a MOBA style mod/map (like DoTA from Warcraft 3), and since I haven't been able to find anyone working on something yet (there was some talk 7-8 years ago in this thread but that's pretty much it), I've created a git repository on GitHub with a very basic outline: https://github.com/0ad-moba/dott. So far it's just a map, but probably it should be turned into a mod? I don't have any experience making mods or maps in 0 A.D. and I don't know how much time I will have to develop it, but if anyone's interested as well and wants to contribute please reach out and I will give access to the repository. At the moment I'm not even sure if it's feasible or even possible to make this map, as heroes would need to be able to carry items (like weapons etc.), and I haven't seen it in the game yet at least. Anyways, hope this is interesting to someone and any feedback is welcomed!
  7. ... 7 years later. Did anyone make it in the end? I'm really interested to try it
  8. Awesome :D!!!! so cool to see these kind of custom style maps. Reminds me of Warcraft III days
  9. Love it but need more maps!!! when DoTA? :D
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