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  1. makes sense that you'd want to confirm. Should we be expecting an email or something?
  2. Dang really? Up to you and what you’re interested in hosting of course but... why not play a really small tourney? Still seems fun imo. well if anyone who signed up wants to play any 2v2s and the tourney stays off, send me a dm on here and we can set up time to play a set
  3. genuinely curious - is this intended, do folks like playing w/ treasure in tourneys?
  4. looks fun! just to be clear does this mean both Teams can ban 1 civilization? or does each player ban one civ and we could have up to 4 bans
  5. Fixed it! For posterity: I followed the suggestion from this comment from 10 years ago - 1) Install MacPorts 2) sudo port install libxml2 3) build libraries again I believe the project is probably missing a dependency in the build process for mac osx - as it seems the team has made an effort to not depend on macports and include all dependencies in either the build instructions or build scripts. I will attempt to reproduce this on another mac, and if it happens again I will file a ticket to track it.
  6. deleted libxml2 folder and built again - i didn't see any obvious errors when building libxml2 again, but I get the same FCollada error shortly after.
  7. I ran build-osx-libs and then got the error at 'Building FCollada...', which caused the process to exit with one error. I don't have the original log but believe the other shell tasks before this did not have errors, because when I run build-osx-libs again, I get this: and then i get the above error when we get to 'Building FCollada'
  8. Hi, I tried building 0 AD on Mac OSX per the build instructions, and I'm getting an error in the "Building FCollada" step when building the game: I see some other forum topics reference this error - some of which I will link below - but they are quite old and I imagine parts of the build have changed, so i figured I would ask here before trying some of the fixes - any ideas how to fix this? Thanks in advanced! I'm not very used to addressing these types of bugs, so im not sure what system info is relevant but I'm on Mac OS 10.15.6
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