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  1. 20 hours ago, Stan` said:

    If you have an entity id you can get it's cmpPosition and move the unit to x,y coordinates. This way you don't have to recreate it.

    I know how to get an entity's cmpPosition but will simply changing the x and y coordinates actually teleport it? The other issue with this is that I only know the entity ID of the destination, currently I use the spawn units function to spawn a "copy" at that destination which automatically figures out the actual x,y position.

  2. Mission 39 is now also converted to a25. Yay.

    For the next mission, I need to figure out how to properly teleport units (basically, you have dug tunnels into the city that needs to be conquered :). The previous attempt worked but it was very hacky and not every type of unit could be teleported. Ideally, what I need is a function that given the entity ID, it tells me the template of the entity so I can spawn that exact template. Does such a function exist? Thanks!

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  3. 12 hours ago, Stan` said:

    @SciGuy42 Do you need help making it available on 0ad.mod.io so everyone can download it from the game?

    Sure, it'd appreciate it. Currently up to mission 36 work on a25.

    I am still hesitant about it being a finished campaign in the sense that I want people to be able to skip ahead if needed. There may still be bugs in victory conditions that I haven't encountered, the order certainly isn't balanced for difficulty. So ideally, people should be able to play any mission even if they haven't finished the previous one. On the other hand, requiring the missions to be played in order will probably let us know what bugs need to be fixed.

    If you need github access to the repo, let me know and I can give permissions.

  4. Up to and including mission 34 are now converted to a25. I had to take a break for a bit but now I'll try to finish the rest of them soon.

    As for making this part of the game, sounds good in theory but it looks like there are just way too many changes that happen from release to release. Unless each new version comes with a good automated conversion tool, I won't have the bandwidth to do the conversion to newer versions.

  5. Up to mission 32 are now converted to a25 and can be downloaded here:


    Just a few more to go! Most of the effort in converting goes into changing some function calls that changed as well as renaming the templates. I do test each mission once before I commit to the github and since I usually play on slow and turtle to micromanage better, that part can take a while.

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  6. On 13/06/2022 at 11:36 PM, Langbart said:

    As I played the campaign, I truly enjoy 0ad's single-player experience. The use of trigger scripts always makes the missions exciting and a real struggle to complete, but all the more rewarding when you actually win them. Favourite single-player mod to date.

    Thanks so much! I love single player RTS games, so I am mostly drawing on my years of playing AoE I and II, Starcraft I, C&C series, etc. The trigger API also helps a lot, so many things you can do with code!

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  7. 4 hours ago, Stan` said:

    Hey we try to write scripts to do those things, but sometimes we forget, you can also get in touch with us on IRC (Or me on Discord if you need help or assistance) Usually the breaking changes are here 
    Alpha26 – Wildfire Games
    And the way to update is there

    PortA25ToA26 – Wildfire Games

    Get in touch :) I'd really like to have your campaign someday :) 

    Also thorough testing and usage of triggers is definitely wanted. There is so much possible it would be a shame not to do it :) The tutorials could probably benefit from it as well.

    Thanks for the info! Can you try to see if the first mission runs fine on a27? I will need to stick to a25 until I have converted all of them, so maybe a month or two more.

  8. On 30/04/2022 at 3:46 AM, nwtour said:

    Couldn't complete the first mission. There is a green player somewhere but I don't see him



    Thanks for catching this. I add a script now that periodically checks if the enemy has any civil centers -- if not, then you win!

    edit: this is only implemented in the a25 branch of the github which is the one you should be using

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  9. On 20/05/2022 at 12:28 PM, smiley said:

    What is the current progress of this project? There have been recent commits to the repo so seems pretty active.

    Merging this into A27 would be nice. With a nicer level selection interface the maps could be committed as the inaugural campaign.

    I am currently in the process of converting the scenarios to a25. As long as a27 is backwards compatible with a25, it should work. If it's not, I probably won't have the patience to the conversions, there were so many changes going to a25. Ideally, there either should be backwards compatibility or scripts to convert scenarios (I have written a .sh script to convert the xml files by remapping the templates but it's not perfect). Someone already converted the .pmp files. I have no scripts to convert the .js files automatically and since this is a trigger heavy campaign, most of the time in conversion goes to editing the .js files.

    If you do want to help in any way, let me know! Someone still needs to work on the mod .json files to get it to work as a campaign. And it's obviously not difficulty balanced so for the time being I would like folks to be able to play any mission they want in any order.

  10. On 17/02/2022 at 1:52 AM, Lion.Kanzen said:

    Which tribes? Sogdians , Hyrcanians, Fhrygians, Phoenicians,  Babylonian, Dahae,  Karina, Capadocians, Lydians,  Egyptians? 


    Sogdiana would be awesome, there are a few scenarios where Alexander is fighting them and currently I am just using Persians as a substitute. 

    The Dahae would be good too, their horsemen rode alongside Alexander, currently I am using the Persian Horse archers to represent them. 

    Capadocians appear in mission 11, any units unique to them would be great.

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  11. 2 hours ago, SolarEagle said:

     Hello, I got a huge lot of errors while loading the map, and the game doesn't work well. I can't recruit troops, nor capture buildings or Gaia loot, nor build something (like a city centre), and the enemy is absent. I can only move my troops, and if I cross the bridge, I win, as it's supposed to do. The problem is that I can do the crossing totally unopposed.

     I play on Fedora 35, using the rpm version of 0AD Alpha 25b, with only two mods installed, Community Maps v2 and Macedonia.

     I joined the html report.

    interestinglog.html 344 kB · 0 downloads

    Thanks for trying, by mistake I had uploaded the files in the wrong folder, they are now where they're supposed to be in the a25 branch:


    Ignore the mission files in the root of the folder, I need to get rid of those. The correct files (up to 16) are in:


    Can you let me know if those work for you?

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  12. On 27/01/2022 at 12:34 AM, Lion.Kanzen said:

    @SciGuy42 Do you think that any unity is needed in the campaigns?



    Some of the missions definitely deal with tribes that are not in the game, like Thracians, the Gatae, Illyrians, various tribes throughout the Persian empire, etc. Probably not worth investing that much work though. A small step would be to add some units that cannot be built by anyone but I could still script to spawn or place initially that represent non-playable civilizations in the region.

  13. Up to 16 are now converted to a25 and tested. Some extra coding was needed as now siege weapons are no longer capturable. Therefore, in cases where you're supposed to capture one, just kill it and an identical type will spawn under your control :)

    Following at scenes from "Macedonia 16 - A Bridge Too Far", chronicling Alexander's (failed) attempt to conquer Tyre by building a bridge and marching his army over.



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  14. 16 hours ago, alre said:

    @Yavin another thing you could do if you want to, is embellishing some of the maps in the Macedonia campaign, which is going to be included in the next versions of the game. The creator asked for some help on that side, for the city of Thebes, and it seems you are the best man here. What do you think?


    By all means, someone please make the city of Thebes better, just need to keep the same number of defense towers and fortresses to maintain difficulty. 

    There is also the city of Magnesia in Scenario 5 which could be a lot better. 

    Finally Tyre, but I don't think I have converted that one to a25 yet so perhaps later.

    Generally, my main contribution with this campaign is the code and scripting. I could use help making the maps beautiful.

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  15. On 09/01/2022 at 9:34 AM, wraitii said:

    I'm fairly sure what changed is that the tech is now recognised as being the same, and so explicitly doesn't stack.

    My recommendation would indeed be to just use modifiers directly. You can check how it's done in e.g. binaries/data/mods/public/simulation/helpers/InitGame.js

    Thanks, yeah, I figured I was just exploiting a bug :)

    The code example helped, I now know how to use modifiers directly from code, it's pretty cool.

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  16. I am still working on converting the missions -- so far, up to mission #11 are converted. However, I ran into an issue in terms of backwards compatibility.

    In many of the scenarios, the starting technologies are predefined. In the previous version, if I add a technology twice, I get twice the effects. So for example, the following code would add 30% to the international trade bonus as the tech itself adds 10%:

    for (let k = 0; k < 3; k ++)

    Now, this no longer works -- only the first time does the effect take hold. Would it be possible for me to edit some code to make sure that each time the ResearchTechnology function is called, the effects of the tech are triggered even if the tech has already been researched? Does anyone know where that code would be? Thanks.

  17. Mission 10 is now converted to a25 as well -- The Sacking of Thebes.

    You get to sack the city of Thebes which rebelled against Macedonian rule. But first, you must destroy its farms and storehouses, secure the blessing of the nearby temples and ideally, find siege equipment to help break through the city's defenses. As you make progress, reinforcements will arrive to help you with the task.

    If anyone wants to contribute to the design of the city itself, please let me know. There is definitely room for improvement (you'd just need to keep roughly the same number of towers and fortresses).



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  18. 21 minutes ago, Langbart said:
    • rP24687 - [gameplay] Tweak mace, ptol, sele specific structures (18/Jan/21)
    • -    <RevealShore>true</RevealShore>

    So I take it that the change was intended, thanks :)

    I'd still wish it worked as it did before, there is one other mission where I think this dynamic is important. If anyone can point me to the code of how that was implemented before, please do, for this mission it was intended.



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