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  1. I can now do retopology and bake normals, also animate if necessary. Good to be almost back.
  2. I'm just back, I've been doing some moving stuff since my 3D course is going on again, so I'll be off for a few months maybe but when I come back I'll come wiser, I'll be ready to do rigging and animation, I think that's pretty necessary rn, so I hope it's not needed in the future (that would mean progress is going on) but if needed I'll be here, so I guess I'll be off for a time. See you all soon and thanks for the opportunitty you gave me I'll swing by the forums when I have a little spare time (just like rn) Thx for everything and I'll be back
  3. I'm afraid I don't have any idea on how to solve the problems neither what are you talking about @Nescio , so I hope that @Stan` can help us.
  4. Actually there are 3 colossus there, maybe that's why there are too many faces
  5. Maybe some retopology to reduce polygons? I might be wrong but I think that's sculpture so it must be triangulated, and if at some point we want to animate the colossus it would be better to have quads. Just saying.
  6. It would maybe be cool that there were like 2 or 3 depictions of the colossus due to the fact that we don't know for sure how the colossus was, and you could either build the one you liked the most (in case it was buildable) or randomly selected. In case it was a prop of some campaign, each time there was a different depiction of the colossus. A lo mejor estaría bien que hubiese 2 o 3 representaciones del coloso, dado que no sabemos exactamente cómo fue, y que pudieses o escoger cuál construir (en el caso en que sea construible) o que se construyese una aleatoria. En el caso de que fuese un prop en un mapa de campaña, que cada vez apareciese una representación del coloso.
  7. There you go, the full mod, hope you like it! pablinskis_mod.7z
  8. As long as it is mainly modeling, whatever is needed! Real an nick name plz. Pablo Pozo Pablinski2. You got the full mod including the gate and its armature? Do you want to include the round tower @Nescio asked for? I can do a few models and you choose :D. I've been off these days, sorry
  9. Thanks @Stan`! I will then add the round tower @Nescio asked for and then upload the complete mod here and then look for a new task!
  10. A friend of mine who is a historian specialized in militar history and fellow player of this game, and me, we want to create a new distance unit for the Roman civilization because Roman have only 2 distance human units (velites and italic cavalry) in comparison to the rest of the civilizations that have at least 3 human distance units. So we propose the Manuballistas. We could take care of the documentation and the 3D modelling (ofc with the feedback and the approval of the community) This unit was used from the year 100 A.C to the 500 A.C by the Roman Empire in some great campaings such as the Danubian/Dacian Campaign by Trajan Emperor. This weapon is the upgrade of the greek "gastraphete" both in technology and power. The main troops carrying this weapon were auxiliary troops marching aside the Scorpions (light ballista, already implemented in the game). This was a very effective weapon because of its piercing power against shields and armours, it was also very economic due to the low price of the process of manufacturing its ammunition (wood darts with iron tip) It could also shoot 3-4cm of diameter metal balls. The body armor soldiers carrying this weapon used was the Lorica Hamata (they could use the Lorica Segmentata, but the Hamata was mainly used because it was more comfortable). It took just a little of training for a solier to almost master this weapon, making him as dangerous as an experimented archer who has been training for years. This weapon was designe by Heor from Alejandria. We also found this book, but it is in German and we couldn't find any translation, so if anyone who speaks German wants to do a little research... I'll just leave it here Die frühkaiserzeitliche Manuballista aus Xanten-Wardt (Xantener Berichte) it is supossed to talk about this specific weapon so it could be a very good source.
  11. There you go, I'm usually awake until very late, so if anyone needs anything just let me know palisades1mmodified is everything I've done until now pablinskis_mod.zip palisade_gate_closed.blend palisades1mmodified.blend
  12. This is what I'm doing and the error keep on being skeleton not recognised
  13. Okay, so now i export both armature and mesh together, name it anyway (palisade_gate_closed) and put the collada in its place and the xml in its place, What do I need toput in the xml, ¿palisade_gate_closed?
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