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  1. @borg- tell me when do you want to play? i can play this night, i will stay late in the night.(i am +3 gmt)
  2. Dacians will be great. Burebista , Deceneu and Decebalus as heros. Gold production bonus , fearless warriors and the god Zalmoxis must be there. Hope there is place for dacians in new release, i will be very happy.
  3. omiris vs ayx. ayx closed the rated game (he host) because he was losing. 2020-03-25_0004.rar
  4. hunn (1033) exit the rated match without resignation, so i destroyed all structures and population and i did not received any points. game Omiris vs hunn. @user1: Take actions about this. Thx. 2020-04-12_0002.rar
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