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  1. Greetings, jumping in to translate the contribution by "Duileoga"as per discussion on the #0ad chan on quakenet irc. Original text with translation below follows: >>> ¡Buenas! , escribo esto gracias a la sugerencia de "uovobw", deseando que pueda traducirlo al inglés ; Greetings, i am writing this thanks to the suggestion from uovobw, hoping he can translate it to english; >>>A lo largo de la Antigüedad han existido culturas/civilizaciones (500 a.c – 100 d.c) que eran; matriarcales , feministas , matriliniales o con mujeres guerreras ; ilirios , Kush , Celtas(Galos , >>>Gálatas , Britanos , Celtíberos …), Vietnamitas , Teotihuacán , Sármatas , Armenios , Tracios , Escitas , Íberos , Cartaginenses , Etruscos , Tribus germánicas , Coreanos, Nabateos , Cultura >>>Chavín y Drávidas .(Y existe debate con muchas otras…) . During the ancient times there have been cultures/civizations (between 500 bce - 100 ce) that were matriarcal, feminist, matrilinear or with warrior women such as: ... the list of names is basically the same .... (And debate is underway for many others) >>>Estaría bien que las mujeres de las civilizaciones mencionadas luchen , tengan más puntos de resistencia y ataque , salgan reclutadas en los cuarteles , recolecten igualmente recursos >>>o incluso unidades de mujeres campeonas como en los maurias. It would good if the woman of the mentioned civilizations could fight, had more "resistance" [NDT: the idea here i think is HP] and attack points, could be spawned at the barracks, and could collect resources or be champion units as the ones in the "maurias" [NDT: could not find the trasnlation, could it be Mauryans ?]. >>>Mujeres que cabe mencionar de (500 A.c- 100 D.C)que pueden entrar en el juego como unidades; Womens worth mentioning that could be featured in the game as units [NDT since they have names i think what they are going for here is heroes, not units per se] >>>>>>>>>> -"-Queen Mṛgāvatī (500 A.C-300D.C)","-Hypsicratea(63 A.C)","-Queen Bispala(300 A.C) ","- Veleda(69 D.C-71 D.C)","-Phùng Thị Chính(43 D.C)","-Consort Yu(206 A.C-202 A.C)","-Archidamia(340 A.C-"240 A.C)","- Zarinaea(400 A.C)","-Youtab(300 A.C)","- Cratesipolis(314 A.C-307 A.C)",-"Amanirenas(40 A.C-10 A.C)","-Amanishajeto(10 A.C- 1 A.C)","-Amanitore (1 A.C – 20 D.C)" , "-Boudica (30D.C-61 D.C)","-Cartimandua (43D.C – 69 D.C)","-Cleopatra Thea (164 A.C-120 A.C)", "-Cinane(muere en 323 A.C)","-Audata (359 A.C- 336 A.C)","-Emperatriz Fu/ Emperatriz Xiaoai (51 A.C)" ,"-Emperatriz Xiaocheng /Zhao Feiyan (31 A.C-1 A.C)","-Madre Lü (Revuelta Chimei 17 D.C)" ,"-Consorte Feng Yuan(47 A.C-6 A.C)","-Huang Guigu(246 A.C-221 A.C)" , "-Wang Zhengjun/Emperatriz Xiayuan(71 A.C-13D.C)","-Reina Soseono de Dongmyeong (66 A.C- 6 A.C)","-Xin Zhui (163 A.C)","-Emperatriz Gao de Han(241 A.C-180 A.C)","-Pitodoris de Ponto(30 A.C-38 D.C)","-Mariamna Primera (54 A.C-29 A.C)","-Eurídice Segunda(317 A.C)","-Artemisia Primera de Caria(480 A.c)","-Artemisia Segunda de Caria (410 A.C-351 A.C)","-Reina Teuta (231 A.C-228 A.C)","-Rodoguna de Partia (146 A.C-126 A.C)","-Agatoclea Theotropos(110 A.C- 100 A.C)","-Nisa de Capadocia(130 A.C-126 A.C)","-Deidamia de Épiro(230 A.C)" ,"Roxana (347 A.C-309 A.C)","Olimpia de Épiro(357 A.C-316 A.C)","-Cleopatra Séptima Philopator(69 A.C-30 A.C)","-Arsinoe Cuarta (68 A.c-41 A.C)","-Hermanas Trung(36 D.C-43 D.C)","-Berenice Cuarta de Egipto(76 A.C-55 A.C)","-Salomé Alejandra (76 A.C-67 A.C)","-Locusta(54 D.C)","-Yuenü(497 A.C)","-Cinisca de Esparta(440 A.C-392 A.C)","-Amestris(424 A.C)","-Wang Zhaojun(50 A.C-20 A.C)","-Cleopatra Selene 2(40 A.C-6D.C) ", "Erato de Armenia(12 A.C-1 A.C)","-Agripina (15 A.C-59 A.C)","-Bircenna(292 A.C-272 A.C)","-Sofonisba(235 A.C-205 A.C)","-Shanakdakhete(170 A.C-160 A.C)","-Anula of Anuradhapura (47 A.C-12 A.C)","-Amanikhatashan (62 D.C-85 D.C)","-Musa de Partia(2 A.C-4D.C)","-Shaqilath(9 A.C-40 D.C)","-Ada of Caria(377 A.C-326 A.C)","-Manya “Satrap of Dardanus (399 A.C)","-Amastrine(284 A.C)","-Orodaltis of Anatolia (27 A.C-14 D.C)","-Antonia Tryphaena(10 A.C-55 D.C)","-Dynamis ,Bosporan queen(67 A.C-8 D.C)","-Gepaepyris (38 D.C-45 D.C)","-Etazeta of Bithynia(255 A.C-254 A.C)","-Reina Amage de Sarmatia(Siglo 3 A.C)","-Quiomara(189 A.C)","-Hydna of Scione(480 A.C)","-Onomaris(Siglo 4 A.C)","-Anzaze(82 A.C-75 A.C)","-Dowager Zhao(280 A.C-228 A.C)","-Helena de Adiabene(20 D.C-56 D.C)","-Chuldu(9 D.C- 18 D.C)","-Nayanika/Nagarnika(180 A.C-170 A.C)". >>>>>> this list i reported as is since it's a set of names, googling some of thems links to either the wikipedia page or finds a link that brings back to the english source >>>>En la antigüedad hubo grupos de mujeres guerreras; >>>>-Guerreras; Gladiatrix (Roma) , Banfennid(celtas) , guardia femenina de Chandragupta creado por “Queen Bispala”, guerreras amazonas de Escitia… In ancient times there were a number of groups of women warriors, such as: "Warriors" [NDT not sure what the correct translation would be here, guerreras is literally "warrior"-woman (spanish is gendered)], Gladiatrix (Rome), Banfennid (Celts), female guard of Chandragupta created by "Queen Bispala", amazon warrior women of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scythia >>> - información;Wikipedia "Women in ancient warfare". Souce: wikipedia, "women in ancient warfare"
  2. how strange, i distinctly remember copy-pasting that apt command and than having it fail to build due to missing those libraries, to the point i created a text file with the list as i was going along installing them one by one. there must have been something i only think i did or that i did wrong. i'm fixing the page now, thanks for catching it!
  3. i'm almost embarassed i did not find the button. sorry for the noise, i have made the changes, they are in diff https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructions?action=diff&version=364 thanks again
  4. Greetings, i have recently downloaded the source repo from github and followed the building instructions on the wiki (at https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructions ) but i found that the list of dependencies on the wiki for the Debian sid distribution is pretty broken, some packages are missing and there is some fiddling to do. I have created a user (uovobw) on the trac but i have been unable to find how to edit the page, so i am writing the list of packages missing and the procedure below if someone wants to update it. The following is the list of packages that are simply missing, just them together with those already in the wiki page and you should be fine: libboost-dev libenet-dev libminiupnpc-dev libsodium-dev libgloox-dev libsdl2-dev libcurl4-gnutls-dev libopenal-dev libvorbis-dev libboost-filesystem-dev libboost-system-dev These packages are instead related to the wx library, they are followed by the =<VERSION> notation as there is always some different library or version going in from either testing or unstable - especially if you have mixed repos like many sid users do - so just make sure to specify the versions until you get an omogeneous wx installation wx3.0-headers=3.0.4+dfsg-8 libwxbase3.0-dev=3.0.4+dfsg-8 libwxgtk3.0-dev=3.0.4+dfsg-8 libwxbase3.0-0v5=3.0.4+dfsg-8 libwxgtk3.0-0v5=3.0.4+dfsg-8 after installing all this i was able to correctly run the "update-workspaces.sh" script and them "make -j12" to build the whole thing. It ended up being about 17GB and on my i7-9750H the compilation, running in a 32GB ramdisk, took about 10 minutes. Let me know if this can help anyone. Many thanks to all the artists, developers, tester, users and so on for developing this AMAZING game.
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