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  1. About the picture. The languаge is Bulgarian. Yekaterina give the translation.... kinda.... but still: 1. "Ситалк" starts with capital letter so its a name. - the ruler of Edirne Sitalk, probably 2. Тракийски лековъоръжен конен воин - Thracian lightly armed horse warrior( no translation for this, hipocontist maybe.....) 3. Тракийски тежковъоръжен конен воин - Thracian heavily armed horse warrior( bodugyard )
  2. Boudica and JC calm down guys calm down. Its just a game. Did you read the title? PS: I would like to watch these 7 1vs1.
  3. Ivaylo

    One good game

    metadata.jsoncommands.txt Ivaylo_Uzunov, hop, SaidRdz, cigs vs LordComander, obi, Chuck, lui_daimonds Almost dead but SaidRdz save the day.
  4. Player with nickname Darkstrike leave rated 1 vs 1 game. commands.txt metadata.json
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