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  1. @Boudica my key point was to provoke thought, not to point fingers at people. Let people try events and improve. In responses to my intial message, you bring little value to the discussion and do various rhetoric such as pointless question. You are also trying to discredit me with false accusations. I keep note that you admit making no effort to read previous message and that you prioritise your beliefs over data, facts and arguments. You are not proving your credibility at all. (A detail: I used the quote button and my original quotes were skipped each time. Hopefully the original one is
  2. I rather made observations than assumptions. You mention rating based on averaged performance over many games and different conditions. There is no such data in this thread. The proposed ratings are (average of) assessments, this is a different thing. Do you believe these assumptions are also correct for team games? The bet thing is interesting. You say you would bet 1000$, but it does not tell us much. The point is: how much would you win the bet? Please show us where it was addressed in this thread. This is just an assumption. Those two are not
  3. Some of you make more or less implicit assumptions. I let you think about these assumptions, below are some of them. A player strength (or skill level or whatever you call it) can be reduced to just a number. Thus, if player A is stronger than B, and B stronger than C, then A is stronger than C. This number does not fluctuate (time, computer, internet, game settings such as civs, map, starting resources, positons, etc). You can always easily predict the outcome of a match just based on these numbers. The strength of a team is just the sum of the individual strengt
  4. One day, there were fewer and fewer players in my main lobby, because most players installed the latest release of that time. I was urged by some organisers to install the new release. I explained that the binaries of the new release was not yet available for my linux or snap. The only solution I was offered was to compile from the source on my own. eae
  5. I had never found these pages before. We are currently playing Alpha 23 with the Re-release of 23rd 2018, and its revision number is indicated. Thank you Stan. eae
  6. Hi, I would like to compile the current release from svn repository and play multiplayer game with it. What is the svn revision number of the current release used by the players? When there is a new release and players must update their 0ad version, how do I get the new svn revision number? eae
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