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  1. I have an issue regarding different map trigger events suddenly appearing in my pre-game session; The appearance of the 'Sea Level Rise' event setting for the 'Extinct Volcano' map on a custom made map based on the 'Polar Sea' where only the arctic wolf spawn is the trigger event there. I was wondering if there is some kind of code to disable the 'Sea Level Rise' trigger on my custom map while leaving alone the wolf spawn trigger through the map editor?
  2. Not just terrain textures, I'm also referring to (very old) textures and 3D designs of buildings from a few factions (namely the Persians, they look very old compared to other factions); The ground terrain texture that are a part of some buildings (ptol houses, etc.) and most of all the props and eyecandy objects; many of the props when you select them on map editor they are either under the ground or floating in the air, some boat objects have them underwater instead of floating on the water surface. The Cliff objects are basically just a single sheet compared to one that I actually
  3. While making my own custom scenario using the Polar Sea map in the editor (since you still can't change the values and parameters of entities and objects there) I noticed a notable amount of the props and eyecandies are not exactly up to date, and some don't even look usable due to their appearance (structure props). Also, some of the Ptolemic and Sparta buildings have that ground texture that seemed out of place compared to the rest of the buildings of it's faction. (e.g. dirt ground from House and marble ground on Temple). I was wondering whether there are any plans to remove and replac
  4. So will the next (big) update be able to finally resolve the massive lag issue occuring during gameplay, the one where the more units are around the slower/choppier the game gets to the point where it's almost unplayable, and sometimes the game even crashes due to the massive lag? And another thing; will there be a skirmish map where the gaia is the true enemy like in the arctic map? Basically a gaia opponent that poses a threat than regular AI opponents depending on the setup? Also maps where sometimes a random indestructible gaia building can spawn where if a player can capture it, it g
  5. I like how the gaia puts up a fight in jebel barkal, polar sea and danubius, especially the former. More like it is needed where the gaia is more of a real opponent than the Standard AI player. it can be an opponent (or a map) where the gaia either has it own pre-built base/town, or enter a map from one or two direction/s with increasing number and frequency overtime but not to the point where the game's framerate instantly drops. Doesn't have to be historical, just for fun playing in Sandbox Mode. Suggestion: A 'Gaia Bot' aka 'Fauna/Bandit Bot' (Color: Grey) -'Gaia AI' entity
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