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  1. I got the time at these days! I could play it! Details like hours/day/night?
  2. The greek is very old. I was noτ in the high-school in greece to know from which year it is and so on. But I didn't recognize any word. It makes sense to be a old latein, that I didn't learned yet Confusing if you know only the newest "style" "I will go" stand today for "Πηγαίνω" The "esti" stands today for "Ειμαι" like "I am" Or Etsi έτσι for "to be"
  3. Can somebody explain me why the Greek texts and voices making no sense? What should esti mean. I dont think hello. This word doesn't exist or never existed in this language. Like Βησομαι? This means "im coughing"... And not "im going" #Edit:// Very Old Language... This style is heavy old. But seems compared to the civs okay for it
  4. When I go to the ground with Crtl + W I lose 15 fps drop (from 50 to 35) With Crtl + S nothing changes #Edit: Zooming in and out drops the lag from 50 to 20
  5. Yes. Here. I dont know why it says win 8.1 Could be a old recopy of my old systems. But the specs are the new ones. But there are some "hErrors" on my RAM it says? system_info.txt userreport_hwdetect.txt
  6. It lag speaks when I move the camera. So basically yes. #I can't install visual studio 2015 or 2017. I need to pay for it says microsoft. Visual Studio Community but can't find the mentioned compiler -.-
  7. Driver bug. Yes. I got a defect graphics card or Mainboard. But i changed my whole system hardware! So its not an hardware issue.. Somehow. Driver is installed but not the official software delivered with it. Just the .ini for 4k resolution. I can try again to compile it myself. But I think it maked no difference. SVN too.. Windows is reinstalled in the 0ad test times about 5 times. Different versions tryd I used an 1vs1 agains KI and at minet 5 it droppped to 30 fps. Heavy lag spikes. Here the logs: profile.txt
  8. Yes and no It makes a little difference with deactivated shadows or at low. 8 - 10 fps increase. But this doesn't makes differences in late end games When I put all graphcis down I get 20 fps more. Im at 40 now. I can set everything on max but shader model on 1.0 expect 10.0 as I had before. I get constant 10 fps now in late games. But still others with an Gefore 850M on Ultra get 60 FPS..
  9. There is no integrated GPU PC a tower. on Windows 10 It happens at 500 - 800 pop At pop 1200 I get constant 20 fps
  10. Hello, since I installed 0ad I experience heavy FPS drops & constant 10 FPS in all games. Other players have no such problems! How is that possible? Hardware changes makes no difference. When I change from an i5-4460 to an Ryzen 7 2700 it makes no difference. Graphics card from GTX 960 or GTX 1060 or Radeon 5700 gives the same exact FPS numbers!.. Watch the profile.txt's of some multiplayer games that I fast saved. Thanks in advance, your TGODTaylor profile_with_20_fps.txt profile_with_50_fps.txt
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