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  1. Textures look good, but I think they would look better with some used look on them. It is no pilitary parade, the metal looks like fresh polished.
  2. Yes, that would be a logic tactic. Maybe only sword + ax infantry? I don't understand why cavalry should be a counter versus structures... rams and siege towers are structures. ^^
  3. Hello, I am new in this forum and want to say a german "Hallo!" ^^ ...so please don't be too confused, because of my grammar. I really love this game and convered multible friend of mine to play it too. I come to the point, the battle and counter system is bad, worser than it has to be. Many older versions have nice elements which are delete now. Especially some siege weapons need some love in my opinion. I am no complete noob in balancing, some months ago I was part of the balancing Team of Company of Heroes 2. I was searching some problems and made a small fix for rams because why... ...can attack organics. I remove the ability (like in a16) In progress, I want to make it possible to attack through one line of infantry, so it isn't so easy to block them. So you have to conquer it, or destroy it. ...are fast as hell. I set speed from 0,9 to 0,6 ...can't be conquerd. I made it possible (like in a16) ...are counterd best by sword cavalry. In progress, maybe more... e.g.: In my opinion cavalry should become a negative bonus versus rams and siege towers. Infantry should be the counter. These things are more than confusing because it would be easy to bring them in line without chaaging to much. I want to discuss this small changes with you!
  4. Hello, I starded modding today. Most things are clear to me, but where can I find the actual stats (like <attack><mellee><hack>*<hack>) which are used by units at the moment? I am using the SVN and in the public folder under simulation/templates/units/* there are no informations. I know how to make a new unit like in the tutorial.
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