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  1. Hey there, I have been working on the AI for Hyrule Conquest for a while now and have been focusing on the AI garrisoning units like Hydrophants and Chariots lately. I noticed that the movement of the Hydrophant was skippy and sometimes he would be completely unable to move for some reason. After testing for a few hours I came to an interesting conclusion. Apparently, some of the obstruction boxes seem to overlap with the Hydrophant, which causes this to occur. https://gyazo.com/cec4c29a680f459b6a804d0bc37f0cb8 I can put all the units in the Hydrophant, but not the one in the front row. I think this happens because the Hydrophant is trying to predict if anything overlaps and then finds the garrisoned units box as an overlap. Of course these are just my assumptions, but thought I'd mention this issue here to see if any of the original developers can confirm this. https://gyazo.com/748f65a1e6a44fecc7b442de9da22e2e
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