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  1. i usually turn those kinds of things off ingame, so i'm not too worried.
  2. I'm also curious about a general date. Within a year, within two years, within six months, etc, etc. It doesn't even mean you guys have to follow it, just saying "oh, it might be done". Since you guys don't even have to release at all, you have nothing to lose. Just my opinion though.
  3. soda. anything else just sounds laaaaaaaaame
  4. http://www.wildfiregames.com/0ad/album_page.php?pic_id=10984 Don't forget to read the caption
  5. the use of a "help wanted" page has the use of telling people what you want on your team... say you want a programmer, you put up a help wanted ad on moddb and if theres a programmer on moddb who likes the mod, he can then contact you.
  6. yeah, this board could really use some more replies
  7. Tycan


    http://www.wildfiregames.com/0ad/page.php?p=1495 here you go
  8. I have a suggestion, more forum participation
  9. hahahaha i dont know whether to say that was horrible or great.
  10. (this was not thought up by me) how 'bout hosting a "trainee" team to help people hone their skills and help the mod.
  11. might I suggest PC Gamer magazine?
  12. Making one of these kinds of signature banners:
  13. well which department do you need/want? (aka is the job openings page limiting the rest of jobs from signing up I.E. i don't see any modeller or animator jobs)
  14. was searching for a good reference picture for hoplon iirc on google. Clicked on one of the images and saw that this was a gam! Lucky I was in a modelling mood.
  15. yeah this game could use a little promotion (just my opinion). I found this game through a google image search
  16. (moddb stands for mod database) It would just give a little bit of more community. It won't bring in hundreds of people but it might reel in a few. This game would get a little bit more attention than most others because you already have a video out. It's just a thought though What kind of talent do you need?
  17. Yeah. Unfortunately a lot of small standalones don't get that much help by moddb but I think it could only benefit 0AD (It still benefits the other small standalone games... just doesn't give them the crowd they deserve)
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