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  1. As I said, the problem isn't that it's gone (but you need to select "All" maps to find it). It's that the new map (by which I mean everything, not just the display) is not very playable. For one thing, it does the freaky "Ambush" thing, where if you have an AI ally, he parks in your back yard.
  2. Is there a way to get old versions of updated maps? English Channel was my favorite game, and the new version in v23 isn't.
  3. My map is dotted with Gaia settlements: three houses, a pyramid, a grain shed and two fields. No one is working the fields, but the freehold is guarded by 4-5 formidable spearmen. I can kill them and convert the properties, but I can't use the properties. Likewise random isolated small pyramids across the map; in that case, no defenders, no buildings. They can be seized but not used. What am I missing?
  4. Playing Kush on the Elephantine map. The entire west side of the Nile won't allow building of docks -- invalid terrain.
  5. For some reason, the new version is displaying meat, metal, and stones with orange dots. Some stone is grey, but most is orange. I realize the number of distinguishable colors is limited, but I hope this can be remedied in the next version.
  6. I'm having a problem I think is similar. The "new maps" are listed, but if there is an "old map," such as Corinthiian Isthmus, it's still displayed in the preview, and when selected, the old map is what I get.
  7. Ok. That suggests a question/comment. It would be nice if the tool tips or something would indicate how various things have been boosted. Even something as simple as a "+5" after the improved function. For example, fishing with an additional crewman is supposed to double the "gather rate" [sic?], but I can't see any statistical change for a boat with a crewman. With soldiers, the green plus sign indicates improved skills, but I can't find a way to see how they are boosted. Presumably, Blacksmith research boosts everybody but again, the adds can't be viewed on individual units. Uh... what?
  8. What is the purpose of the female citizen aura?
  9. In the latest version, "finding the last unit" is a royal PIA. I generally end up surrendering, after annihilating my (AI) opponents except for a trader my cavalry sweeps don't stumble on.
  10. In my experience, the biggest Trade gain is from building a dock as far away as possible and trading with yourself. I thought you needed a market to begin trading. Not true. Merchant ships can trade as soon as they are built.
  11. Uh... "Don't use formations"?? Aside from the fact that they get stuck in hedges, why not?
  12. I keep seeing references to "walk speed." Is there a way to make units, especially cav, run? There is something very frustrating about watching a couple of slingers march after your cavalry scouts who walk stolidly away. Reminds me of Stephen King's great gag in "IT": Two boys are coming home from a horror movie and one looks back and says, "Oh no! The mummy is following us! Let's walk faster!!!"
  13. Elephants can't do the passes in the Sierra map either. Too bad for Hannibal....
  14. I love the game; play solitaire 5-6 times a week. There are lots of minor tweaks I'd like to see. Wayfinding is the only serious problem I've encountered. The "cheats" for the AI player are irritating but understandable.
  15. I wonder if the AI is set up to punish players for using cheats. First off, the AI has some very suspicious advantages. I realized that opponents across the map were finding me suspiciously quickly, and usually attacking with overwhelming force -- as many as 20 cav and 50 infantry -- in the time it took me to assemble 20-30 soldiers. So I started using the resource cheats to see if I could outrun them. In fact, in one game at the conclusion, even though I had pulled up 12,000 extra of all four resources, one AI opponent outscored me at a rate of 2:1. He also had twice as many infantry and three times as many cavalry. The only place I had outrun him was in mapping, which I always emphasize. i don't mind a few boosts to strengthen the AI players, but when I get creamed by AI set to Easy, in spite of piling on resources and rushing every advantage in Research, something is not right.
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