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  1. There should a tool for server-side
  2. Yes you're right I'm talking about lobby match!
  3. Lobby should allow player to host a map editor's match.They can work together,build great map,and each of them get one copy of that map!
  4. Sound great!But it will cost more material and don't have population limit
  5. That ticket don't have any slave's limit Game will unbalanced if unlimit slave
  6. Ok so player just buy slave like female?
  7. Slaves get more expensive ?I actually talking about arrested and become slave!
  8. I think we should have a building called "slave house" and "slave market".Slave house give you the slave pop but you just can build 5 houses and 10 slave per house when slave market allow you to trade slave
  9. Good!Hope somebody care about this,but however I still don't know how to limit it
  10. Slaves for a limited number,based on town age
  11. My idea is 2 or 3 elite units can arrest one enemy's female and make she become their slave.People can choose to kill or make them become slave,it will take few seconds to arrest and just possible if female's health below 20% that what call "Slavery system"
  12. Did you fix this bug: When use formation sometime,I order unit to attack and it just move like crazy dog,not attack until I remove the formation
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