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  1. This is awesome @leper! Quick question.. didn't anyone on the team wrote some auto-build script for this group of patches? Just wanted to know if someone prepared the easy way rather than compiling manually. Nevertheless, this answered my concern.
  2. Thanks for the response @bb, I wonder if I will have to install GUI on my VPS or everything can be done on the terminal. Does 0AD supports terminal triggers?
  3. Hello Team, First, hats off to the game developers who make things happen.. The game is really awesome! I wanted to know if there is a way I can have a private host via internet for the game? I understand that there is a "multiplayer lobby" but it will still be a good thing to have a dedicated box for me and my friends. I saw this article http://www.linux.org/threads/game-servers.5337/ while searching for solutions. Question is, is it possible for the VPS to host the game even if players are playing on their local desktop machines? Hope to hear from y'all soon.
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