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  1. looking great already! it would be nice to have paths from the bride leading true the desert, just a little darker colour is fine. and get some rocks and some decoration in the desert. apart from the desert everything is well detailed. (or add sand dunes or something in the desert?)
  2. I have just got a brand new pc: i5 6600 skylake 16 gb ddr4 MSI gtx 980ti gaming g6
  3. a already build fortress challenge i am making (the vikings have taken over south of france sort of)
  4. this is a 3D version of the map, its not that finished but its a sketch
  5. what does it mean i am invited to participate in the trade route team? that i can can help make the map?
  6. emm ok, who made this structure..... Welcome to airfield 0ad xD and some one have any idea for eye candy here?
  7. i am thinking about making maps that exist in Age Of Empires III that i really liked, the maps i wanna make are : - amazone - swamp - rocky mountains I'll copy almost everything of those maps from AOE so they are really playable
  8. yea ur GPU got 4times the vram if it has 2GB. and i don't think its running on my intel GPU i have a mac with a basic i5 so i don't think so. and ok its is workable for me.. but the lag is really annoying. but in 2 months i will get my new pc that has got a MSI Geforce GTX 980 gaming card so thats gonna be no problem and do u have any idea of a map type that isn't in the game yet? i wanna make one thats not in the game yet so its more special and btw your dutch? because ur name sounds dutch
  9. what u mean by trade route? is that already in the game cuz i can't get trading to work on standart maps..
  10. i have got a NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M 512 MB video card
  11. smoking vulcano thanks for the tips. now i have more things to work with
  12. i am sorry but i can't enable those settings in atlas its lagging like crazy :|
  13. i got the newest 0ad version and the enemy doesn't build anything just gets wood thank you for your help
  14. the only way to make differed water colors is to change the ground underneath it right? i do not put the graphics settings up (only shadows) because otherwise when i play normal games after 10 minutes the game starts lagging at 20-40 fps cuz of all the units yes thats true, i could not test that tho because the bot doesn't seem to work... i have been playing with some of those settings. but i do not see any difference on some of them and its annoying to add more rocks and bushes because they prevent u from building there i need some inspiration of what environment i have to create next, does one of you have any idea is there a way i can putt the files in here?
  15. Yes i would like to make tiling less visible but i do not know how to make that smooth, and more eye candy.. i tried to make a lot of it (rocks at the vulcano and bushes. i placed almost every fauna structures that is in the editor. and there is enough room in the middle for a civic center, but i agree the small middle island is to small.. but one thing with the second map, is that the enemy bot doesn't really know what to do. he doesn't build stuff and only gets resources. its prop cuz of there are only pigs and crates on that island for food resource.
  16. Yes i ment to make the building space limited so u have to think about what your gonna build
  17. I just finished making 2 custom maps for 0ad, so i wanna hear you opinion about them. you like it? or do i need to change or add stuff?
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