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  1. Hmm... I have learned alot of texturing tricks and how to make own textures as well. Although Meanwhile I well retexture this model with the textures you have here. I think they look good enough, as it fits the style of the game =) And yes. Im still in, and I will make stuff to help out =)
  2. Well... I made the Shield, and the door. The Woodend and the hay are from cgtextures and the bark and the planks are from a friend of mine who does alot of texturing and modelling =) I Can easily do these longhouses =) Now, Should I use the textures you guys provided with the github link or should I use the ones of the model I posted before? I can retexture =)
  3. So... Whats the polycount Limit on for the structure models? I made a quick model here, and rendered it in cycles. 634 Faces/Polygons
  4. Okai, cool! Well you can call me Harmony so that it gets a bit less confusing. No problem with using blender, as it is my main Software. I only use 3ds max for school projects. and Zbrush, well, I use it all the time for character design. So, as I am quite new in these forums and I havent really gotten used to the structure. Is there any thread where I can see what needs to be done? And when speaking of Norse, are you talking about the pre-viking era?
  5. Hi! My Name is Daniel, 25 years from Norway. Let me first say that I looove this game, and I wanted to contribute a bit I am a Viking enthusiast and I have seen some screens of some Viking buildings, and i am very interested in helping out with modeling, and maybe animating. I have not done very low poly houses before, but I guess that I can give it a go. My main 3d softwares are Blender, 3ds max and Zbrush. Here are some screens: So. Yeah. Is the millenium AD still going strong? I can also help out with other things, but my main interest is to add Viking models to a game =)
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