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  1. College networks love to block games and other things. At my university I cannot connect to other LAN computers... Using an ethernet cable or making a ad-hoc network will work.
  2. I must admit that on my Mac Pro there was more "graphical lag". At some points (when moving the view/screen) I even found it a bit annoying...
  3. I've just played a bit against two bots. (Just the constructing part of the game, because I haven't that much of time) Game seems a bit more laggy than before (e.g. when moving the screen) I also noticed that OS X hot-corners are not disabled when playing full screen. This was a bit annoying for me because I put 'Sleep display' in one of them. Apart from that I didn't have an issue. Everything worked fine...
  4. Too bad I'm not at home tonight... Thanks for the hard work on this release!
  5. I have tried wraitii's commit, and it worked on my Mac. Thank!
  6. How do you know the linking should work now? You still got compile errors on gettext... Your compile errors seem very strange though. In the args, you can see that it includes the iconv folder, but apparently it doesn't include the needed header files. I don't have your compile errors, which is even more strange. gettext builds here without any issue (apart from linking the whole thing for pyrogenesis ) I will try your fix in the lua file.
  7. I've changed that part in the extern_libs4.lua file. This didn't give me any compile errors on gettext, but I still got the same linking errors while trying to link pyrogenesis.
  8. I have already checked the lib file with nm, and there is no _iconv in there. (pastebin.com/88NqXGyA) I have tried to build the library myself, but there are compile and linking errors in de package i downloaded from Apple.
  9. The warning is indeed not related to the linking error...
  10. I'm stuck at the CXXTests... (after having solved SDL and ICU) The library that needs to be include isn't there: ld: warning: directory not found for option '-L../../../libraries/source/cxxtest-4.3/lib' How to build this library?http://pastebin.com/vC9jabPv
  11. I can't wait for the OS X version... Changelog seems impressive!
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