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  1. I've tried it, it's better, during math i have some warnings, but at the end of the match i have some errors here are the logs and commands logs.zip
  2. on the start menu, click on the link Open logs folder under the 0.a.d menu, when windows explorer is opened enter the sim_log folder and enter the right directory (one directory per game), you can use the date filter in order to choose the correct one...
  3. hummm... obviously not I'll give it a try anyway
  4. You're welcome ! Tell me when it's commited and I'll give it a try !
  5. Hi, From Friday evening SVN, i've got thoses ones, and the games crashes at the end.... ERROR: Error in timer on entity 1783, IID 40, function MissileHit: TypeError: cmpHealth is null (0,24,0,1783)@simulation/components/Armour.js:78 ([object Object])@simulation/helpers/Damage.js:75 ([object Object],100.06354897399433)@simulation/components/Attack.js:611 ([object Object])@simulation/components/Timer.js:93 ERROR: JavaScript error: simulation/ai/aegis/base-manager.js line 967 ReferenceError: pos is not defined ([object Object],[object Object],[object Object])@simulation/ai/aegis/base-manager.js:967 ([object Object],[object Object],[object Object])@simulation/ai/aegis/headquarters.js:1158 ([object Object])@simulation/ai/aegis/aegis.js:182 ([object Object],2,[object Object])@simulation/ai/common-api/baseAI.js:81 ERROR: JavaScript error: simulation/ai/aegis/attack_plan.js line 983 ReferenceError: Filters is not defined ([object Object],[object Object],[object Object])@simulation/ai/aegis/attack_plan.js:983 ([object Object],[object Object],[object Object])@simulation/ai/aegis/headquarters.js:1228 ([object Object])@simulation/ai/aegis/aegis.js:182 ([object Object],2,[object Object])@simulation/ai/common-api/baseAI.js:81 plus many others, see the attached file (zip with interrestinglogs.html / mainlog.html / crashlog.txt and commands.txt of the played party that generate those errors) thanks in advance Tell me if you need more informations/tests ! logs.zip
  6. After SVN update, i've played a match and i get those errors (many) in the given logs, but no crash !!! hurra !! interestinglog.html mainlog.html
  7. I've encountered the same issue on the defense-helper.js... and it crashes after... here are the logs attached, if you want more of them tell me... EDIT : I'm on the SVN version of the game crashlog.dmp crashlog.txt interestinglog.html mainlog.html system_info.txt
  8. Hey, another idea... When playing and searching for new ressources to gather, when you look at the map on the bottom left, this is not easy (as it has to be IMO) to see which color corrspond to ressource (animals, stone, gold...) So what do you think about a filter that permits to show only gold, or only stone or only animals, or two of them, etc... like in gimp when you show only some channels of your picture. I've attached a picture (don't laugh about my gimp skills... )
  9. I don't know if anyone has this idea before, but I'd like to have healers follow the garrison, because on an assault, the healers stay in place sometimes and the garrison are not healed, and so the die... If the healer(s) can be affected to garrison units then he can follow and heal them. I hope you understand my bad english...
  10. Yes, I've used healers during the game. And i've changed their standground. I'll upload files this evening (for me) when i'll be home...
  11. Hi, Using Alpha 14, i've got an AI warning too WARNING: JavaScript warning: simulation/components/UnitAI.js line 3645 reference to undefined property this.order.data.attackType I've got it 15 times during my match. I can send interrestinglog or another one if it will be helpful
  12. has anyone see this website ? http://travis-ci.com/ Jenkins like server for free...
  13. when passing over with the mouse the cursor don't get the fishing action...
  14. I've tested tonight with the SVN version the map concerned is Isthmus in single palyer match (playing as Spartans by default). So in main game menu I choose single player then match I choose the Isthmus map Click on the "More options" button the population cap is set to 300 and the play in the game impossible to reach the population cap see screenshots below in the spoiler, before and after building a house the population limit don't change. This can be very strange for a beginner... So after some researches I found the information !! Just click on the little Information button (yes it's a button, between civilisation column and team column) and choose the spartans, in the Laws of Lycurgus part : "In city phase, all citizen soldiers promote directly to Elite rank after 1 kill, but -10% cap debonus" Finally it's a normal case for me, but IMO it is very difficult to found the information (an other method to give the information can be to have the population cap on the population count tooltip) Simple question, if before the city phase i have reached the 300 population cap, what happen when I go to city phase ? In plus, I've seen some bugs during the match, see : - http://www.wildfireg...showtopic=17538 - http://www.wildfireg...showtopic=17539
  15. The building altitude may be incoherent IMO, see the screenshot below in spoiler (Map Isthmus, SVN version) there is some shadows under the building
  16. On Isthmus map there is a whale, and after killing her this is impossible for the fisher to fish the whale. Tested on SVN version : KO ficsher can't fish On alpha 13 : OK Fisher can fish This may be due to a recent commit concerning the altitude of the whales ? see http://trac.wildfire...changeset/13767
  17. I've grabbed the SVN content, it works fine. Despite this, I think that putting a setup with an automated build up to date would have been a good idea (a very good idea if link will be available on the website... ), because testing the new functionnalities coming out with alpha 14 is not easy for all (example : perform a checkout for my wife... ) If some help is needed, I can spend some hours to make it "real" !!!
  18. Is there any automated build to test this alpha 14 ? without grabbing all the SVN, getting all the tools, etc... Is there a Jenkins server or something like this for 0.a.d ? if not, and if it's planned, i can give you some help, if wanted...
  19. I've encountered the same problem of population limit, even if i build a house, a new civic center, or another building giving some population, the population limit can't get higher... I don't remember the name of the map. If I have time, I'll try some maps and give you the saved game. Anyway, if it's a normal case due to civilisation limits, why on the scenario the limit is set to 300 and not 270 ?
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