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  1. You installed the game as root, right?
  2. That does sound kind of fair, and to get the sources, you would have to sick a villager on it or something of that sort.
  3. ( Will edit later for more details ) So I was looking at the upcoming updates for alpha 9 and noticed that the roman shields were oval/roundish Correct me if I am wrong, but; Weren't they using Tower shields made specifically for a special type of fighting/defense Technic where they all surround each other, and form a lower ground formation, then used the shields of the men in the middle to cover their heads? ----------------------------------------------------------- Rubble? for when you destroy things, a tad bit unreal that you demolished a wall and there's nothing but perfect looking grass where it was before ----------------------------------------------------------- The Save option, should be as a SAVEAS direct, instead of a autosave function, that way, I can name my saved game something relative for a easy find later on. ---------------------------------------------------------- Chickens? When they die.. they are still standing up? Not going to lie.. I Lol'd when I saw this in-game --------------------------------------------------------- Settings -Sound - A option to choose which soundport to operate off of? Take this for example.. I have a Soundblaster Audio Card, but I typically use a USB Portable Speaker setup, because its nice and convient, but by default, the game runs off the Soundblaster Audio card, and won't give me any way to change it to my USB Speakers, so I think it would be wise to impliment this into the Settings, when you guys get around to it :3 -------------------------------------------------------- This will probably be a Beta thing, but I would really like to see more GORE in this game.. ----------------------------------------- Next I have the Rotation of the buildings.. I find when I'm trying to build my buildings, I like them to be all organized and beautiful, so I try to turn them to face a decent direction and all that crap, only problem is, when I'm turning them, if its in a build able spot, but its not how I want it, and I release the left mouse button, it builds it @.@ This feature would also help build WALLS, as I have had a serious problem doing these with the left button function being the rotate function.. So i was thinking why not make that the right mouse button feature, instead of just canceling it out, Give me your opinions please ----------------------------------------- Gates.. I haven't looked up the progress of when these will come out, but they are a must @.@ I'm tired of getting destroyed because the BOT walks in and decides my base isn't good enough for them LOL but regardless, WE NEED THESE WORKING~ ----------------------------------------- Trees.. So I noticed when the people are cutting down trees, collecting resources from them.. They don't actually CUT THEM DOWN? That's slightly unrealistic @.@ Just sayin.. ----------------------------------------- Aggressive AI for Player Units Right.. So I finally got around to making a Hero Unit, and he keeps dying cause when a group comes, he wants to stay outside and fight instead of garrisoning into the fortress like how i clicked and demanded of him to do :x so the Aggro AI for player units (yes real players.. thus ME ) might need a little work in that area, Player commands should come before aggression commands.. ----------------------------------------- Getting hosted by Steam's Free-Game section? I mean.. It would GREATLY increase the amount of traffic through the website, people would be able to download the game for free still, and we would have a rather large area of players (including friendlist and all that special little stuff ) to communicate with about the game.. Now I don't know the whole process, but I'm just throwing the idea out there ----------------------------------------- Okay.. not to be offensive or anything.. but the catapults.. catapult = a bunch of planks stacked together at a angle I mean.. they don't even have wheels @.@ The best setup for them, was generally something close to how they had it in AOEII So I'm throwing a vote in for a revamp on the catties @.@ -------------------------------------------------------- Percentile/number displays, Healthbars I think the number displays for health, attack, armor class and all that need to come into this game :x it makes for easier calculations on how long a unit will last when already damaged, what units do how much damage to your unit, etc. etc. This would provide much much more information that would bring in some serious strategy in this game -------------------------------------------------------- Walls Okay so when in-game just a moment ago, I noticed that on the Iberians, their walls don't really attach as well as most of the other civilizations, plus i think a small area effect for the walls should be implemented, so they are always beautifully put together (if the player does it correctly ) For example, building walls on hills, they are fugly, because they don't line up correctly, possibly taking out the lower level of the wall, or having it build into the ground to where the walls would always, no matter what, line up at the top Or something along those lines.. -------------------------------------------------------- Okay, So I brought this up in another topic, in which I personally thought it was a good idea.. Instead of just straight up training women or men, why not make it to where they start as children, and gain exp through gathering resources, which will level them into Women and Men o.O ________________________________ Okay new idea, why is the map a circle? :x should make it a square, simply because its easier to build on a map like that, as far as the minimap goes, it shouldn't be a diamond, cause thats just complicated <(^.^)^(>^.^)> ~ More to come ~ <(^.^<)^(^.^)>
  4. Although I can see how this would be wanted, and it is a decent idea, but it wouldn't work simply because it would/could be used in a way to cheat.. Think of it this way, you can destroy you building and get resources back AS the opponent is destroying the building? What then, why should you get resources for a building that the enemy has razed? Just throwing that out there, Constructive criticism helps
  5. Ah, Okay Thank you very much, that pretty much answered everything about my question in every perspective
  6. So I have been looking around, and I don't really see anywhere where we would be able to update the game? Are you guys going to just release a patch for the game, and then a separate copy of the full game? Or how are you going to go about it?
  7. Hello all! My name is Kira, and I'm from America! I'm of a Japanese Culture and I absolutely loved age of empires II : The conquerors expansion so after i installed Ubuntu and searched for a few hours, I found this and am extremely excited to play it! Regardless I just wanted to say Thank you to all the developers, coders, etc. for creating this game!
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